Display Trusted Logos To Increase Sales

Last week I was talking about trust in the context of seo and making your company more transparent to your customers. One way you can build trust and directly improve sales is to align yourself with other trusted companies. You’re probably already aligned with trusted businesses, though you may not realize it right away. And all you need to do is display their logo to piggy back on their trust with your customers.

There’s a good chance if you take money online you accept some or all of Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, or American Express. All of those companies have worked hard and spent a lot of money to earn trust with people. People know when they use their credit cards the company behind the card offers a certain amount of protection. Take advantage of those efforts by adding their logos if you accept their cards.

If you accept any of the above cards you might use a company like VeriSign or Authorize.net as your payment gateway. If you do, display their logos. Each company also offers SSL certificates which can add trust to your site. VeriSign offers it’s own while Authorize.net uses Comodo SSL. When you show people that they can trust you it’s easier to turn then from potential customers into paying customers.

You can also employ other companies to verify how trustworthy your site is. Companies like TRUSTe and Scan Alert will both certify your website, each for different things. TRUSTe verifies consumer privacy while Scan Alert certifies the security of your site and offers the Hacker Safe logo.

Displaying the Hacker Safe logo appears to be one of the best ways to boost sales through trust. According to the Scan Alert site merchants have seen an average 14.2% increase in orders after they added the Hacker Safe seal to their sites. When people feel safe handing over their personal and financial information is it any wonder they’d be more likely to purchase something from you.

Don’t hide the logos either. Show them prominently. Right below your subscription form when you’re asking for an email address place the TRUSTe logo. Then at the exact moment someone might question whether they should give you their email address you there will be proof they safely can. Display your Hacker Safe logo right at the top of your page. It may seem minor, but making that logo more visible can significantly improve sales. Let people know right at the front door that you take a credit card they trust using.

Trust us important for any business so take advantage of the trust other companies have already established and ride their coat tails a little. It can help to build your own trusting relationship with your customers. Display the logos of trusted companies you’ve partnered with and more people will trust you as well and more likely make a purchase.

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