Last Chance To Join Before Teaching Sells Closes Its Doors

If you’ve been at all curious about signing up for Teaching Sells now is the time. Brian Clark and Tony Clark are closing the doors to new members at the end of July, a little more than a week from now.

You can still join Teaching Sells and start building a real online business… but only until midnight July 31, 2008. Then the doors close to new members, no exceptions.

By acting now, you can also join at the current price of $97 a month. When Teaching Sells re-opens (we’re not sure at this point when that will be… we’ve got a lot of work to do) the price will be no less than $997 for a six-month training program. And we might not have a monthly or payment plan option at all.

My first year in business was probably similar to many others. I slowly built a list of clients and while I’d hardly call that first year the world’s greatest success story, I did make enough money to support myself, saw the potential for growth, and looked forward to year two.

Year two wasn’t what I imagined. Maybe it was simply a sophomore jinx, but my business took a step backward. I survived the year, but there were a few months I wasn’t sure I would. I had a hard time picking up new clients and my clients from year one weren’t sending me as much work as I thought they would.

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When Teaching Sells opened it’s doors I wasn’t sure I could really afford the course. I’ve come to trust Brian after reading CopyBlogger all these years and took a chance. I’ve learned more about running a profitable business than I ever could have imagined.

While the main aim of the course is to teach you how to build membership sites, it’s really much more. I’ve learned:

  • How to create more effective content
  • What makes for a profitable business model
  • How to effectively market ideas
  • How to persuade instead of sell
  • How to be an “entreproducer”

One other thing I’ve learned and continue to learn isn’t necessarily part of the course, but it’s perhaps one of the more valuable aspects of joining. Brian and Tony are sharing how they do business, how they market their ideas, and how they make money.

I’ve been able to watch things happen on CopyBlogger with a better understanding of how a given post fits within a larger marketing strategy. That’s really opened my eyes to a lot. It’s like watching a live case study unfold before you and as you see what works for someone else you can apply the same to your own business.

I wasn’t looking to create membership sites when I first signed up for the course and I don’t have any planned for the immediate future, but I have been applying much of the related material to my business over the last 9 months.

To me it’s no coincidence that year three has already brought in more money than either year one or year two and I’m on pace to make more money this year than both of the previous two years combined.

Teaching Sells was the missing piece for me. I can’t promise it will be for you, but I can promise that what’s inside is worth the price of admission. However, that price is going to go up very soon so if you’ve been thinking at all about joining now would be a good time.

Read Brian’s article explaining why Teaching Sells is closing it’s doors and to better understand what’s inside.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.

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