AskCity Shapes Local Search

A couple months back when reviewing AskCity I mentioned liking the drawing feature that let you markup any map. Ask has taken it one step further and now using the drawing tools you can literally shape your search.

You can find the details along with quite a few images showing the process at The New Shape of Local Search on Ask’s official blog. If the images aren’t enough, Barry Schwartz put together a video explaining how the search enabled drawing tools work while he searched for pizza in Suffern NY.

The gist is you draw an area on a map and then you can search within that area easily by clicking on the magnifying glass icon that appears. There’s a drop down menu allowing you to search for the usual Ask local categories – businesses, events, and movies. Imagine checking into a hotel in an unfamiliar city and being able to easily find a restaurant within walking distance by drawing around a few blocks outside of the hotel.

Good stuff from AskCity and I’m sure we’ll see more as all the major search engines look to add features to their local search products. If you haven’t already remember to add your business to AskCity.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.


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