New LinkFromDomain Command From Microsoft Live Search

The Live Search WebLog announced a new search operator sure to please webmasters. LinkFromDomain, which shows where a site links to, is meant to be a complement to the already existing LinkDomain command, which shows all the links coming into a given domain.

One thing that should seem obvious from the new operator is that who you link to is important. Microsoft is clearly keeping track and they think we’d all like to know as well. I know I do. I think it’s been clear for some time that who you link to has an effect on seo. Google has already told us that linking to a bad neighborhood associates us with that bad neighborhood. Now Microsoft is providing a way to let everyone see what neighborhoods we associate with.

Looks like I’m linking to some pretty good neighborhoods for the most part. It’s funny, because I can’t even remember a few of the links showing, but they seem like the kind of sites I would link to. It’ll be interesting to check out the sites ranking for the keywords I wish led to me and see where all their links go.

This information was brought to you via Quadzilla and it was brought to Quadzilla via Graywolf’s Threadwatch post. Credit where credit’s due.

No matter how the information spread lets get over to Live Search and find out who links into good neighborhoods and who links into bad ones.

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  1. It is one of those things that seems so obvious now that it’s here. I’m guessing we won’t see something like this from Google anytime soon, but at least now we can check incoming links at Yahoo and outgoing links at Live Search.

  2. Though I sort of see why Google doesn’t show which incoming links it values best (like Yahoo does now), I don’t understand how Google may be compromised by showing which sites a site links to. The same thing, maybe, – which outgoing link is worth the most?

    Anyway, I think that’s a cowardy approach. Google just doesn’t want to deal with people, who stab at its algo. They’ll have to, though.

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