Did Robert Scoble Join Mahalo’s Payroll?

That’s the only reason I can think for the pro-Mahalo and anti-Google videos Robert Scoble released this weekend. Because quite honestly most of the information inside the video makes little sense.
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How Many Companies Can A Search Engine Buy?

It seems like every Friday when I’m putting together my This Week In SEO post a sizable chunk of the search engine news deals with acquisitions by the major engines. Via SEO Scoop I happened across this timeline of mergers and acquisitions for Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft, since 2001 and thought it interesting enough to share.
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Google Webmaster Guidelines And Yahoo! Weather Report

Yesterday Google updated their Webmaster Guidelines, including the addition of hyperlinks to more detailed pages on specific quality guidelines.
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New Ask 3D Interface: Should Google Worry?

The algorithm killed who? And lives where? Is either relevant? What is relevant is the relaunch of Ask as Ask 3D complete with a new interface. There’s a lot to like in the changes, which are remarkable.
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Mahalo: The Long Route To Wikipedia

Sometimes you can’t help but want to see someone fail. I think I’m going to get what I want.

Yesterday SEO hater Jason Calacanis launched Mahalo (Hawaiian for Thank You), which he claims is the first human-powered search engine. Wait a minute hasn’t ChaCha been providing human-powered search for awhile now? And Mahalo may be a lot of things, but a search engine isn’t one of them.
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