AskCity Shapes Local Search

A couple months back when reviewing AskCity I mentioned liking the drawing feature that let you markup any map. Ask has taken it one step further and now using the drawing tools you can literally shape your search.
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Yahoo Displaying SERP Title Based On Anchor Text

The dichotomy of having a Yahoo directory listing has been known for years. You want a directory listing for the authority link and the improved Yahoo ranking, but your home page link will then show in search results with your directory listing title and not the page title you spent so much time crafting. Your site gets more visibility, but potentially suffers from lower click through. Even if you don’t have a listing in their directory Yahoo may now be grabbing page titles from another source that could potentially be damaging to your brand.
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Yahoo oneSearch For Mobile Devices

Yahoo news is reporting that Yahoo has developed oneSearch, a new mobile search service that gives phone users instant answers.

oneSearch redesigns search to offer potential answers as immediate search results instead of how computer-based Web search returns lists of search results.

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Ask Goes Local With AskCity

Has anyone noticed that the 4th search engine Ask seems to be doing some nice things and usually gets it right with new additions?

Add Ask to the list of search engines letting you search on a map. Earlier today they launched AskCity, their new local search and map, which while similar to the map search of the big three engines, adds a few nice features and touches. Even though I’m not the most frequent users of any of them I thought I’d take AskCity for a spin and see how it compares.
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What Was Your Intent With That Query? Search Engines Want To Know

A few months ago I wrote about the ways in which Google could measure traffic patterns and how they might be using those patterns in their search results. Many in the seo world would agree that Google, as well as the other engines, are using the information they collect to help determine what pages to display to a given search query. Recently I came across a few quotes from Google and MSN employees that would indicate our traffic patterns do indeed affect search results.

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