Teaching Sells Is Reopening Its Doors With Freebies

Teaching Sells

It’s been a long time coming. Teaching Sells is finally reopening it’s doors and will once again be sharing how to make money online.

The fall semester will officially begin in early September, but today Brian, Tony, and Sonia have released a video showing you what the program is all about. Watch the video and then get the freebies listed below.

  • A Free report (22 page PDF and audio)
  • 20 Step Process Map to build an online training business
  • Instructional video on building traffic
  • 3 case studies that demonstrate how 3 online entrepreneurs have used online training to build successful businesses online


Why I Recommend Teaching Sells

You don’t see me promoting many training courses. Teaching Sells is one I have and will continue to promote, because it’s taught me so much about running a business. While the basic idea behind the course is to teach you how to successfully create and run a membership site, I’ve learned things like:

  • How to create more effective content
  • What makes for a profitable business model
  • How to effectively market ideas
  • How to persuade instead of sell
  • How to be an “entreproducer”

An additional benefit to the course is that after going through it, Brian Clark himself can serve as an ongoing case study. The course gives you a look into how Brian runs his very successful business and you can see how he profits with sites like CopyBlogger.

I’ve mentioned in the past how for me Teaching Sells was the final piece of the puzzle. I can’t promise it will be for you, but for me it filled in those last few gaps in my understanding about business online.

Shortly after entering the course my business improved dramatically and while some of that was due to things I had put in place prior to the course, I don’t see it as coincidence that I’ve been making much more money since taking the course than I did before taking it.

If you’re unsure if the course is for you watch the video and then sign up to receive the free report and case studies and other freebies. They should give you a great idea what the course is about and whether or not it’s right for you.

It certainly was right for me.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.


    • It looks like they’re taking contact information for those who want to sign up and will send an announcement when they open the doors to new enrollments again.

      I think they want to keep each group inside to a certain limit in order to be able to better answer questions.

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