The Good Side Of Google And Microsoft

I’m heading out of town to visit family early tomorrow morning so today’s post will be on the shorter side as I still have quite a few things to do to get ready. I will be keeping up with my regular posting schedule while on the road. If I can’t find the time for a longer post I’ll try to offer a few more quicker posts. Today I’ll point you to an article I came across a day or two ago about how both Google and Microsoft are doing a lot to help save planetary resources.

Since there’s always so much sentiment out there about one or the other or both being evil companies I thought it would be nice to see an article showing that both companies do a lot of good regardless of what we think of their business practices. The article Microsoft vs Google: Who’s greener? won’t exactly answer the question it asks in it’s title since both companies are doing a lot to help protect our environment, but it does show how both Google and Microsoft are doing their part to keep the planet a little greener.

I’m glad to see both companies so involved in make trying to make the world a greener place and hope more companies will follow their lead.

Link Worth Calculator

Just to keep this post closer to something I would usually write about here’s a link to a Text Link Ads Calculator. The calculator will tell you how much you might expect to get selling text links on your site. The amount will vary depending on the location of the link and also the number of links you want to sell. I’m not sure how meaningful it really is, but it certainly is fun seeing how much your site might be worth as an advertising mechanism and for anyone that already sells links it might let you know if you’ve made some good deals or give you something to use in the next round of negotiations.

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