Video Monday: Google And Ask

I happened across a couple of videos this weekend I found interesting and thought I’d share them here. They’ve both been making the rounds so it’s possible you’ve seen them, but perhaps one or the other will be new to you.

Sergey Brin And Larry Page With Jim Fallows At Zeitgeist ’07

Neither reveals the algorithm, but Sergey and Larry share some views on health care, online privacy, green technology, and reduction of power consumption in servers. You’ll also learn what kind of car Sergey drives if you don’t already know. The video is a little more than 30 minutes. The first half has questions from Jim Fallows and the second half has questions from the audience.

Ask Commercial

This is one of the variations of Ask’s TV advertising campaign, which you might have seen. The 30 second commercial is a simple comparison of using Ask’s version of blended search as opposed to a plain listing of search results.

I’m curious what you think of this latest Ask advertising campaign and whether or not you think it can convince people outside the search industry to use Ask more? Will making people aware of Ask’s 3D interface and the extras beyond simple search results be enough to take marketshare aware from Google?

News On Some Promised Posts

There are a couple of posts I promised that haven’t yet appeared and I wanted to give you an update on them.

First was an update on BlogRush after using the system for a week or two. As you probably know Blog Rush had some issues shortly after launching and is still sorting through those issues. I’ve been waiting for them to finish phase 2 of their launch before writing something, though so far I’ve been mostly unimpressed at the lack of traffic and the lack of information BlogRush has been giving. They did complete a manual quality audit this weekend and removed 10,000 sites from the system. The quality audit has angered quite a few people who would hardly be associated with spam, yet find themselves no longer allowed in the system.

I think enough of the phase 2 changes will be in place later this week to enable me to write what I want. Look for the post sometime next week. If the changes still aren’t in place I’ll post anyway as I’m not expecting any of the changes to alter my opinion.

I also promised a post on using social media as a source for branding a couple of weeks ago. I have no one to blame, but myself for this one. My bad as I let first a busy week and second a faulty graphics card get in the way of my finishing that post. Part of the reason you’re seeing a quickie video post today is to allow me a little more time to work on the social media branding post. I’m doing my best to get it to you later this week. My apologies for the wait.

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