SEO Education: Online Degree Or The School of Hard Knocks

Last week’s post about online degrees started a good discussion on the value of getting a degree. It also inspired today’s guest post from Brandon Hopkins on degrees in SEO.
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What Does Google’s Page Layout Algorithm Mean For Web Designers?

About a week and a half ago, Matt Cutt’s posted to the Google Webmaster Central blog, about an algorithmic change that considers the layout of a webpage, particularly what appears “above the fold” as a signal in where the page should rank.
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My Holiday Traffic Blues

Back in February I reported about a drop in traffic to this site between mid December 2010 and mid January 2011. You might remember that traffic here dropped 20% and that I decided my best course of action was to be patient and wait out the holidays.
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4 Steps For Designers To Build A Solid SEO Foundation

Every time Google makes a significant update to it’s search algorithm people start reporting losses and complaining how the changes are unfair. At the same time others report how that change is driving more traffic to their sites.
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The Value Of Links: Part II

The last few posts we’ve been looking at the value of links. We’ve talked about some common sense concepts to help you think about links and then offered some general thoughts about trust and authority as they relate to link value.

Today we’ll continue and conclude this discussion on the value of links.
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