My AdSense Revenue Sucks, Must Be Google’s Fault

I mean it couldn’t be me. I put the ads on my site. I put them everywhere I could. What am I supposed to do if Google can’t figure out what the page is about? I added the word asbestos on the page enough times. So what if my site is a free download site. That page is about asbestos and that’s a high paying keyword. I’ll bet Google is even keeping traffic away from my site on purpose so they can keep all the money.

I was reading on this forum how you need to go after the keywords that pay the most so I did. I made a page about auto insurance quotes, and one about college loan consolidation and one about refinancing mortgages. Just like all those lists say, but Google gets it wrong all the time and I don’t make anything. They just keeping showing those stupid free download ads. I know I have those downloads all over the page too, but that’s what my site is about. But I put those good keywords in too. Those ads never show up though.

I saw awhile ago this guy Markus made like over a million in a few months, but he was lucky. He had a lot of traffic and a dating site. I’d start a dating site too if I knew more about how to program one. Man if I had that traffic I’d be rich too. Why can’t I have a dating site. Those things practically come with their own traffic. Every one I’ve ever seen has lots of people already on them. And those people looking for dates will click on anything. It’s not fair. Just because I can’t program I can’t have a dating site. I could make easy money with a dating site.

One guy was telling me I should set up these channels or something to track things. What would it matter to know that all the ads suck? I can already tell I’m not making anything. Besides that would have taken a lot of time to add all my URLs and create the new code. I’ve already got the ads on the site. What am I supposed to take them down to put up the code again. I mean I’m not making any money. I already know that. Knowing how bad I’m doing is just going to make me feel worse. It’s not going to make the ads pay more and get clicked more. And I put the ads everywhere I could think of already. There’s no more room for more anyway.

I’ll bet Google isn’t reporting my real clicks. They probably just want to keep all the money themselves. I have to be getting more than two clicks a week. I get something like 50 hits every day. More than two of them must be clicking. I’ve got ads all over the page. How could you miss them? Yeah, Google’s keeping my clicks. Invalid my ass. Those clicks are real, but they just keep all the money and don’t tell me. I even complained about it once in an email, but Google never got back to me.

I read on one blog about making the ads blend into the page. Like that guy knew anything. How are you supposed to see them and know they’re ads if the look like everything else? Yeah, right I’m going to take the advice of someone who doesn’t even have AdSense on their site. I bought that ebook instead. Now that guy knew what he was talking about. I saw his stats too. He was getting mad clicks.

I did everything he said. I followed his system. I used all those high paying keywords and placed the ads where he did. I even used the same colors he did, but it still didn’t work for me. I’ll bet I’m in the sandbox. That’s just not fair that Google tries to keep people like me down. If it weren’t for me clicking on all their ads they wouldn’t even be making money in the first place.

I hardly make anything when someone clicks anyway. I hear Google keeps like 95% of the money and tries to screw the rest of us. Figures. The ads are on my site you know. I should be making 95% of the money. It’s not like Google made my site. I did that. I copied my friend’s site. Even used some of his content since it sounded good. The rest I got from those article sites. Google didn’t do any of that. Why should they get to keep all the money.

The worst is just when I started to make some money they banned me. I didn’t click on my ads at all either. I’m not stupid. I only used my brother’s computer or the library. I had my girlfriend click most of the time. There’s no way I clicked my own ads. At least not a lot. Google was just out to get me. They keep me from making any money and as soon as I figure out how to make some they kick me out and keep all my money. Man they suck.

I could have been rich if it weren’t for Google.

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  1. lol good post steve. A lot of times people think all they need to do to become rich is stick any old webpage on the internet, Cover it in adsense and sit back while the money rolls in.

    The potential is there to make a lot of money with adsense, But to do it you need to obsessivly track what adverts are performing, What layout works best and what colours perform best.
    And most importantly of all, develope the site. No matter how good the layout is, How perfect your colour selection is or how good the ad positioning is you are going to need visitors to the site before anyone is going to start clicking adverts.

    The ultimate answer to the question “how do i make more money with adsense?” is “get more visitors”.

  2. Thanks Matt. I hope the humor and tongue in cheek attitude wasn’t lost on anyone. I think I got a little tired of hearing people complain about how little they make when it’s clear they don’t make any attempt to imrpove their earnings.

    I agree there’s potential for AdSense or any other form of contextual advertising. It’s not just placing the ads and sitting back waiting for the money. Like any other business model it takes work to make it successful. Most probably won’t get rich from AdSense, but if you track things on your site experiment with what works and doesn’t you can certainly put yourself in a good position to earn.

    And you’re right in that in the end if you want to make something more than a little extra cash you need to get more traffic.

  3. Ha Ha! I was about to rail on you for a bad attitude but it appears this post was meant as a jab at the many people who actually think like this.

    It’s sad how many people have this “entitlement” mentality and don’t think they should have to work to achieve success. They think the world owes them and nothing that goes wrong is their fault.

    Personally, I’m having success with AdSense. I stumbled across a site a few months ago with some phenomenal tools. You can check it out here: AdSense Gold

  4. Glad you got the joke. I wonder if everyone did. I had someone link to this post thinking I was actually serious.

    I agree with you about the entitlement. Too many seem to think all you’re supposed to do with AdSense is place it on your site and if it doesn’t work you’re supposed to blame Google. It takes work to generate AdSense revenue.

    Glad you’re having success with AdSense, though I don’t share your enthusiasm for AdSense Gold. I did come across it and it has far too much of a spammy feel to it for me. I disagree with some of the advice I read and didn’t really need emails from Jonathon on a daily basis trying to get me to buy something new from him every day.

  5. Prabosh was there a reason they turned your account off? I know that is sometimes happens to people who haven’t done anything against the TOS, but in most cases when they’ve turned your account off it’s because you did do something wrong.

    I’m not saying you did anything wrong since I don’t know, but there are a lot of people who have reached the $100, gotten paid, and gone on to make more money.

  6. But.. Google is THE WORST .. moment you reach 100$ they will disable your account.. So they keep the money advertisers pay and do not pay the publishers. no wonder their advertise revenues are much higher.

  7. Thanks for the insight on how Google works, I agree that it is completely true. They banned me from AdSense after I sprinkled my page with “too many irrelevant keywords”. Anyways the dating site sounds like a great way for you to make money. There are a lot of dating sites out there, you think that they could be improved? What about a new facebook, its seeing a tough time right now? Or a new Advertising/Publishers network site? The possibility’s are endless.

  8. Good post. It’s true. Google Adsense’s revenues suck. They are only good for very beginners (who can’t get accepted into, I.E., buysellads) and long time users and popular website owners because google then allows video ads. Right not I have terrible revenues.

  9. Ive spen the last 45 days busting my finger tips and only made 44 bucks on my first site. I am wondering if it is all worth it. I think it’s me who is taking it in the end. I lay awake at night sometimes listening to my windows welcome at 3am as I implement a idea to enhance my visibility and ctr. I should be making atleast 250 by now. I suck! Don’t bug me I’m busy. And all this aggravation and they wont even let me ask people to click my blanks

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