An SEO Quiz As An Example Of Linkbait

SEO Cartoon Quiz

Last week it was the SEOmoz SEO Quiz and this week it’s the SEO Cartoon Quiz. The cartoon quiz is a bit different. 15 questions that will take you less than 5 minutes to answer and most should give you a chuckle.

Simply match the cartoon to the correct seo term and see how you did. And it really only takes a couple of minutes so what do you have to lose?

An Example Of Linkbait

Yesterday I pointed to the digital smiley face as an example of viral marketing. Today’s seo quiz is an example of linkbait in action.

The quiz attempts to ride the recent wave of stories on the SEOmoz quiz and uses a humor hook to attract links. It also appeals to ego by making itself very easy to pass and earn badge that bloggers like me can proudly display. And if for some reason we forget to add the link the badge takes care of that by wrapping a link around itself.

The badge will potentially get clicked adding a viral component to the bait, though adding the site name would have been a good idea to help in branding.

Will this quiz gather thousands of links? Doubtful. But it will more than likely generate enough links to it to justify the time spend in creating the quiz.

Linkbait is typically thought of in terms of large influx of links, but if the return on links is greater than the time spent developing the bait the exchange is profitable. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea for linkbait or have ideas and are finding it difficult to implement them, why not try something simple that may not bring the huge return, but can bring in enough return to justify the effort?

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.


  1. You might be right about it gaining those links after a year’s time. I get the feeling this quiz will grab some right away and then fade, but you never know. Maybe it will get a rerelease whenever another seo quiz gains some publicity. It would be pretty easy to add new cartoons here and there or even add one new cartoon a week or month as a new post that links back to the quiz.

  2. You said it’s doubtful this will earn thousands of links and I think you’ve got to be right. But I bet it gets 1,000 in a years time. That’s the other nice thing about “linkbait” is that once you build it, it’s there, working in slow motion forever. And something like this test, or your early review of BlugRush is the kind of thing that’s going to soak up links from enough domains you never heard of (good ones and bad ones too) that it’ll do work you never would have known to target and raise your overall authority.

  3. It’s a looooooooooooong quiz! 75 questions is pushing it for me. I have to say thoughm, it definately caught my attention so I clicked on it after reading your blog and started…i’m at question 25 now but I’ve gotten a bit bored and drowsy at 1:20 am!

  4. That’s the SEOmoz quiz and it is looooooong like you say. I think it took me about a half hour to get through all 75 questions. Did you finish?

    The cartoon quiz on the other hand will take less than 5 minutes to complete and it’s about 180 degrees from the SEOmoz quiz. It’s more for fun than to test your seo knowledge.

  5. At least you made it much further than I did, Ayat. I only got to #10 before I wanted to smack my monitor because the questions were so damn stupid and wrong.

    The funny thing about quizzes is that they tend to be “linkbaity” in general. One of the more prominent ways in which the people I know waste a lot of time on the Internet is to visit and spend hours learning just what type of nuclear 3-eyed radioactive fish they are.

  6. That tickle site sucks. I spent 15 minutes taking their IQ test only to find at the end they’ll only tell me the results if I sign up for an account at the site. Not only will I not be signing up I won’t be visiting the site again. Great example of how not to treat a visitor.

  7. I never tried out the cartoon, and don’t believe I will be getting to it anytime soon! The quiz was ever more difficult and tedious with my two kids around, I decided to take it during the evening; not a good idea! So I never ended up finishing it.

    I find it funny that sites like actually require you to sign up after you take their quiz. I wonder though, how many people actually sign up just for the sake of seeing their results? Most people are impatient…after going through so much I’d imagine they just want to know the score!!

  8. I am more likely to click on something humorous than factual. I also am more inclined to stick and read content that has a touch of humor in it.

    I did take the cartoon quiz and was really impressed with the drawings. I wish that I could draw that well! Ayat, the cartoon quiz was quick…and your little ones might like the pictures!
    I find it strange that someone would think that a 75 question quiz would be appealing. As others have said above, it takes too long. It also brings back memories of squirming during tests while in college. Yuck!

  9. Steven, I tend to agree, but then again…all the people I’m talking about signed up for accounts, took like a zillion tests, shared the results, got into arguments about the results, and wasted a good 75-80 manhours just on that crap.

    Your opinion, my opinion, and $5.00 on the subject adds up to $5.00 on the subject and all that.

  10. Ayat the cartoon quiz will take you less than 2 minutes I promise. There are 15 images (unless they’ve since added more) and each has three choices next to it. And you should be able tp guess an answer in a few seconds at most. I promise it’s not as long as the SEOmoz quiz

    Laura I don’t think you’re alone in clicking on something funny. That’s why humor is a great hook to attract links. It’s easy to link to humor. The SEOmoz quiz is long. I took it mostly out of curiosity and because I knew I would turn the time into a post. I think many bloggers did it for the same reason. For many the appeal was probably to learn something. Assuming for a moment that all the answers were indeed facts you would learn a few things by taking the quiz.

    Adam I don’t know that it’s always time wasted. Think about how many posts are about some kind of debate in seo or marketing in general. Sure some of the debates are pointless when you step back to think about them for a moment, but some end up resulting in some good ideas being discussed.

    True a lot of it is just opinion, but opinions can get us to think about things in a new way.

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