An SEO Quiz As An Example Of Linkbait

SEO Cartoon Quiz

Last week it was the SEOmoz SEO Quiz and this week it’s the SEO Cartoon Quiz. The cartoon quiz is a bit different. 15 questions that will take you less than 5 minutes to answer and most should give you a chuckle.

Simply match the cartoon to the correct seo term and see how you did. And it really only takes a couple of minutes so what do you have to lose?

An Example Of Linkbait

Yesterday I pointed to the digital smiley face as an example of viral marketing. Today’s seo quiz is an example of linkbait in action.

The quiz attempts to ride the recent wave of stories on the SEOmoz quiz and uses a humor hook to attract links. It also appeals to ego by making itself very easy to pass and earn badge that bloggers like me can proudly display. And if for some reason we forget to add the link the badge takes care of that by wrapping a link around itself.

The badge will potentially get clicked adding a viral component to the bait, though adding the site name would have been a good idea to help in branding.

Will this quiz gather thousands of links? Doubtful. But it will more than likely generate enough links to it to justify the time spend in creating the quiz.

Linkbait is typically thought of in terms of large influx of links, but if the return on links is greater than the time spent developing the bait the exchange is profitable. If you’re having trouble coming up with an idea for linkbait or have ideas and are finding it difficult to implement them, why not try something simple that may not bring the huge return, but can bring in enough return to justify the effort?

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.

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