Congratulations Jeff Horsager: SEM Scholarship Winner

Last week I told you that the five finalists had been announced and yesterday Andy Beal declared the winner of the Spring 2007 Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest. Congratulations Jeff.

The contest was actually a tie with both Jeff and CK Chung (Kid Disco) each receiving four votes, but Jeff won on the tiebreaker since he drove more visitors to his article during the four weeks of the contest.

The judges specifically mentioned Jeff’s use of screen shots in their praise of his article. Graphics do make a difference in people’s impression of your page.

Andy’s announcement has a nice rundown of the contest along with the top referrers for each entry. Congrats again to Jeff and everyone who entered the contest. I know I had fun and learned a few things in the last contest and I hope you all came away richer from the experience.

Now it’s up to Andy to decide if there will be a version 3 of the contest.

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