Coverage Of SES San Jose 2007

Search Engine Strategies San Jose is in full swing this week and while I’m not there I thought I could still point you to some of the people who are and have been reporting on the conference. Does that make the following meta coverage of the conference?

I used to skip reading conference coverage, but over the last year I think the articles that come out of conferences have been getting better and better and this week is no exception to that trend. SES San Jose continues through tomorrow and as more articles are published tonight and tomorrow I’ll add to the list below.

Conference Roundups

The links below will take you pages with many, many links to other articles. There’s certainly some overlap, but most will have unique links and you should be able to find most any article on the conference somewhere in the links below.

Universal And Blended Search

Universal Search is the way Google is blending results from their other properties, like Google News and YouTube into the general search results. When another engine does essentially the same it’s called blended search. Blended search changes the way search engine optimization is done and will continue to change seo as it evolves. It’s no longer enough to have relevant content to be on page one of search results. You now need to build a presence in a variety of ways and at a variety sites if you want to rank well in the SERPS.

Below are posts from Matt Cutts on some of the questions heard after the presentation about universal and blended search and posts by Lisa Barone and Tamar Weinberg covering the actual session. All make for good reads on a topic that’s only going to increase in importance. This is where seo is headed if you haven’t been paying attention.

One of the sessions that seems to have stirred a lot of interest was the session on paid links. It sounds like Michael Gray had the crowd going while he spoke. All three of the articles below do a good job of giving you the flavor and information from the session. Naturally they will all share similar information, but each does capture a couple of things missed in the other posts. So are paid links evil?

Added: Because of all the attentions it’s been getting and the buzz it’s generating Michael has now linked to the power point slides of his presentation.

My favorite conference coverage is almost always the videos. There’s usually some info in each one you won’t find anywhere else and it’s always fun to get to know some of the personalities behind the blogs you read. Here are a few videos all courtesy of Top Rank Blog

I found this article interesting since I do blog and I’m linking it it here since I believe many of you blog as well. Blogs do give some opportunities for optimization that static sites don’t have, mostly due to the syndication of your feed. If you’re not yet blogging you might want to learn about some of the reasons why it might be a good idea.

Added: Two more posts I’ve since come across and found interesting are from Top Rank Blog. The first is on the Q&ampA session on Links and the second from the session on Linkbaiting and Viral Search Success

I know more coverage will be coming in over the next couple of days and I’ll add to this post as I find more. There’s a lot of coverage and I’m certainly not reading all of it. The above stories happened to catch my eye, but I’m sure I missed plenty of good information. If you’ve read something that stood out for you let me know in the comments or in an email and I’ll add the article to this post. Thanks.

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