Creme King Of Baits

Creme king of what?

That was my reaction too when I first noticed several people had found their way here using ‘creme king of baits‘ as a search term to find the post in the previous link. Many results for the term revolve around using soft plastic worms for fishing bait, an idea originally pioneered by Nick Creme. But type link bait a few times, refer to Rand Fishkin as the king of said link bait, and mention how the cream will rise to the top, and you may find yourself ranking well for a term like ‘creme king of baits’ too.

Needless to say seeing the term driving traffic to the site was unexpected and I thought it would be fun to look over the stats for the past year to find some other unexpected keyphrases that drove traffic my way. Consider this a sort of top list of unexpected keyphrases for 2006. I’ve linked the phrases to the pages that ranked for the terms.

If you look at any of the pages that attracted those terms you can see why those pages appeared at some point in search results, but I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting any traffic for the terms above. Of course now that I’ve linked to each with the search phrase they’ll all likely jump a couple places or three in the results.

Searching For SEOs

Those weren’t the only phrases I came across in the stats that I found interesting. I’ll bet Matt Cutts would like to know that Google sent at least one person to my site who was looking for matt cutts email contact. In fact Google results include two posts on this blog for Mr Cutts email.

Matt Cutts wasn’t the only name in the seo community that led someone to the site. People found their way here looking for Aaron Wall, Rand Fishkin, and even Quadzilla of Seo Black Hat. The phrase quadzilla seo still has two pages here ranking well at Google.

It’s not just the A-listers either. People looking for friends like Yuri Filimonov and Matt Johnson somehow found me instead. Don’t worry guys it was only one visitor each.

Andrew McDonald a web designer here in Colorado, who I don’t know, may not appreciate that if you search for andrew macdonald web design colorado the number one result at Google is my web design portfolio. The result is no doubt due to the fact that I have a client with the same name, though spelled differently. Maybe I’ll get one of those angry emails telling me to stop ranking for his name that I can use as linkbait.

Searching For Poets, Playwrights, and Artists

There were some who I’m sure were disappointed to come across posts here when searching for phrases associated with Lewis Carol, Shakespeare, and even Vincent Vangogh. Google still mistakenly sends people looking for the philosophy behind the style of van gogh to a page about the philosophy behind my business.

Never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public is a famous quote by P.T. Barnum yet it helped drive traffic to a post about calls to action.

Looking Forward To 2007 Searches

These were far from the only unexpected search phrases I came across going over the stats for the site, but for whatever reason these are the ones that stood out. Hopefully 2007 will provide a more diverse set of phrases to amuse.

Have any good phrases that brought traffic to you this year that you’d like to share?

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