A Better Way To Learn SEO: Dojo Style

Lately when I read most of the seo blogs in my feed reader I’ve been entirely underwhelmed. Too many posts seem to be written more with sensationalism in mind than actual quality. The usual regurgitation of the same old ideas is ever present as well.

In fairness if you read enough blogs you’re going to see the same topics covered again and again and we know those sensationalized titles do work to get clicks. But after awhile what you get from reading seo blogs isn’t quite worth the effort involved reading them. There’s a saturation point where you aren’t learning, but you wish there was a place where you could.

The good news is that place exists.

The SEO Dojo

Seriously Obsessed Search Geek

A few months back I made the announcement that my gypsy friend Dave was working on the SEO Dojo, a place where people could talk and learn SEO in a private community. At the time it was still a work in progress, but no more. Today the dojo goes public and is opening it’s doors to all.

Let me share a little of what’s inside and then why I think the SEO Dojo is a great place to learn and network. First in Dave’s own words:

The Dojo started out as a little hide-away for a band of weary SEO warriors who wanted a private playground to store resources and discuss the the daily grind. Over time, the resources and membership grew into something that is now a prized resource for many. Now it’s YOUR chance to join this fast growing community!

What’s Inside the Dojo?

Along with the usual profile set up familiar to forum hounds and social networkers, there are two main sections in the dojo

  1. Study Hall
  2. Dojo Training

Study Hall

Inisde the study hall are courses to increase your seo knowledge. Each course consists of an ever growing series of articles on different aspects of SEO At the moment there are 4 courses with more planned for the future.

  • SEO for beginners
  • Your Guide to Search Ranking Factors
  • Link Builders Handbook
  • SEO Site Audit Framework

Future planned courses will be on keyword research, advanced link building, and content creation

Dojo Training

To me this is where the meat of the SEO Dojo is located. Inside there’s an active forum, links and reviews for a host of seo tools, a weekly live chat, a selection of videos and a library of downloadable material including worksheets and both of Dave’s seo handbooks.

Everything you need to take you beyond the basics is here. It’s real tools and info from real practicing SEOs with ideas on how to best use them. This is where the member forum is located, which I’ll touch on more in a moment.

This area of the dojo is a great way to gain the knowledge that’s absent on the usual blogging trail and to really meet and get to know many in the SEO community. You’ll find people who’s names you know as well as people who’s names might be unfamiliar.

Why I Like the SEO Dojo

My favorite part of the dojo is the community. There’s a spirit here of cooperation and communication. This isn’t a forum with people arguing with each other over nothing while you have to sift through page upon page of nonsense to find the one nugget of useful information.

The dojo forum is a community of people who genuinely want to help each other and learn from each. Dave has modeled the places after a martial arts dojo where teacher is student and student is teacher. Check your ego at the door and understand we all have valuable information to share.

It’s that spirit of community I find most useful and that spirit which all too often I find missing when traveling through the seo blogosphere. Joining the dojo is worth it to me if just to get to know some of the people in the industry for the people they really are. You can make friends here and build a network of allies to help with future promotions.

Still Not Convinced?

Don’t take my word for it. Visit Dave’s site and read more about the SEO Dojo, who it’s been created for and who it’s not for. Once again in Dave’s own words

Or check out the testimonials of some of the early members including yours truly.

At the end of the day, the preservation of the learning spirit behind the gates is key. If you’re here to exchange knowledge, seek out opportunities and further your abilities, the SEO Training Dojo is where you belong.


The cost to join is minimal, especially when compared with some other seo communities and Dave is running a special promotion on the pricing and is even giving special discount to Van SEO Design readers.

Just the the coupon code VanSEOrocks when you sign up to receive 25% off the price. The coupon is only good for the first 25 readers who use it.

Don’t miss out on a great place to meet and learn from the community.

And don’t forget to sign up for the free SEO Dojo Newsletter It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news and teaching from the dojo for free.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.

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