Marketing Pilgrim Announces SEM Finalists

By now you know I’m a fan of the SEM Scholarship contests Andy Beal runs over at Marketing Pilgrim. Given all the posts I’ve written like this one on the results fo the first contest or this one about seo contests in general I thought I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know that the finalists have been announced for the spring contest.

And the Five finalists are…drum roll please.

The five entries above are those that were able to drive the most traffic during the four weeks of the first phase of the contest. Now it’s up to the 16 judges to vote on which article is best. Why not read them yourself (if you haven’t already) and decide who you think should win.

On Monday Andy will announce the $10,000 grand prize winner along with releasing the traffic stats for all 20 entries. And if for any reason you forget to check on Monday I’ll be here to remind you.

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  1. Hi Steven. Thanks for mentioning the Marketing Pilgrim SEM finalists. Myself and everyone involved in the AIDS Clickathon are really excited to be among the finalists.

    Since you’re someone who obviously has an interest in online marketing, I would be interested to hear your take on the AIDS Clickathon and the viral marketing methods we used, both positive comments and constructive criticism would be very valuable. Anything we can do to improve the Clickathon and better spread of the word about it will result in more help for the orphans in Kenya who really need it.

    Paul (OurChurch.Com /

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