Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest: Spring 2007

About a month ago I mentioned the second Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship was on it’s way. Earlier today Andy Beal made the announcement that it’s begun. You can start submitting articles now and have until 9:00 EST on April 6th to get one in. The prizes have increased from the last time and the prize package for this second contest is valued at $10,000

For the complete rules visit SEM Scholarship: New Contest Spring 2007

Andy listened to feedback from the first contest and so the contest is a little different this time around. The biggest change is there will only be one round and all contestants will have four weeks to drive traffic to their article. There will be five finalists and the five articles will be judged by what is again a who’s who in the search marketing world.

I participated in the first contest and had a lot of fun as well as learning a lot about driving traffic to a page in a short amount of time. You can read more about my previous experience in my post talking about the results of the contest and my post discussing seo contests in general. The latter post has several links to some additional information about the first Marketing Pilgrim contest.

I’ve been planning on entering this second contest since I first heard about it last month and assuming I have the time I’ll work on a strategy and an article and enter. If you’d like a chance to win some great prizes and potentially have an article read by some rather influential people in the world of search marketing you might want to start working on your own article for submission. You have two weeks so it’s time to start writing.

I think you’ll find the contest a positive experience. It’s a good time and I guarantee at the very least you’ll learn where you stand when it comes to your search and viral marketing skills.

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