Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship Contest Take 2

If you remember a few months back I participated in Marketing Pilgrim’s first SEM Scholarship contest. I had fun and learned a few things about seo and sem and how to direct traffic quickly to specific page. Andy Beal announced on Friday that the second Marketing Pilgrim SEM contest is on its way and if you want to enter look for more details in mid March when Andy makes the official announcement.

If you missed the first contest you can find information here with links to all the entries. Andy was nice enough to release some details about how everyone did in his post The Anatomy of a Search Marketing Scholarship Contest. The winning entry was Ben Wills’ The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing.

My entry, SEO is Nothing but Karma, did ok the week it was in the contest and I was happy overall with the traffic I was able to send to the page. As I mentioned above I learned quite a few things during the contest. If you’re interested you can find my thoughts about the Marketing Pilgrim contest as well as some thoughts about SEO contests in general.

Time permitting I’ll submit another entry this time around. Are you planning on entering the second contest?

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