Matt Cutts: Grab Bag Friday

Thought I’d give a head’s up to anyone reading that Matt Cutts is running what he calls a grab bag this weekend. He’ll be taking questions from webmasters and answer them in a post over the weekend. There are 112 questions already posted as I’m writing this, but if you have something to ask get it in anyway and watch over the weekend for an answer.

I know there are some who think Matt is just putting out Google corporate spin, but he seems like an honest guy to me and I think he’s trying to give out genuine Google related advice. I’m sure he can’t tell us everything we want to know, but let’s face it Matt is about as close as it gets to seeing inside the Google algorithm sometimes.

I’ve scanned the list of questions are there are quite a few I would like an answer to myself so I’ll be checking in over the weekend hoping Matt picks those questions to answer. The questions themselves can also be quite revealing. Sometimes the learning can come from seeing a question you didn’t realize was a legitimate concern. Something to jump start a little research.

Here’s Matt’s previous grab bag and subsequent answers if you want to get a feel for how he might respond to the current crop of questions.

Should make for an interesting read and maybe we’ll get lucky and Matt will reveal something he didn’t intend to. Maybe not, but I can hope.

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