More Content = More Traffic = More Sales

Gone are the days when you could build a small static website and expect to compete for search traffic. Unless your site is in a rather uncompetitive industry it won’t be able to bring traffic from keyword searches without a lot of time spent building your count of backlinks. So what do you do if you have a small site and don’t want to wait years before the traffic comes? The answer is pretty simple really. Build more pages and get more traffic.

Why More Content Can Bring More Traffic

The reason more pages are better is because it gives you an opportunity to target more keyword phrases. New websites often make the mistake of thinking there are only a small handful of relevant keywords for their site. Whatever the topic of your site there are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible keyword phrases you can discover and target to bring traffic and potential customers to your pages.

The majority of all searches occur in the long tail of search and the best part of long tail searches is you can much more easily find your pages at the top of the search results for them. With each new page you create you can add content to target a few of those long tail phrases. Many of those pages won’t even need links pointing at them other than your own internal navigation and many more will only need a handful of links before you find them at the top of the search results.

While each of those pages and long tail phrases may not bring a huge amount of traffic, they will bring traffic. And if you have enough pages the traffic taken together from all of them will bring as much if not more traffic than if your site ranked well for one of the more competitive keyword phrases. And again getting ranked on those long tail phrases can be very easy.

I’ve seen estimates from Google that 50% of all searches at Google in a given month are unique. Yes unique. 50% of searches at Google are typed in only once during a given month. That percentage will go up if we count the searches that are only performed twice or three times. Those searches aren’t targeted by many since at best each one may only bring you one visitor a month. That’s not a lot of incentive it would seem at first. But when you consider that you can optimize a single page to attract traffic from many of those unique searches, the traffic can begin to add up fast. Each new page you create gives you an opportunity to go after another set of those searches.

An Example Of More Content Bringing Traffic and Sales

Let’s say your site sells Sony Play Station games for all versions of the Play Station. One of the games you sell for the PSP is Monster Hunter Freedom. You might be hoping that your page selling the game ranks well for ‘PSP’ or ‘Play Station’ or ‘Monster Hunter Freedom.’ All three are probably going to be competitive terms since many more people than you have sites about them. The game itself will probably be the easiest to target, but even that returns nearly 5 million results in Google.

However if you know a little about the game you find that one of the challenges of the game is finding an egg. (I had no idea until I discovered it with a little searching) Why not write a page with some tips about how to find that egg. When you combine ‘finding egg’ with ‘monster hunter freedom’ the results drop to a little over 500,000. ‘Retrieving egg monster hunter freedom’ sees the results drop below 100,000. That’s not a lot of competition in search terms and it should be fairly easy to rank pages for that term. You don’t need to always have the words in that order to target them. Your page will naturally mention the title of the game and the word egg throughout. Mix in words like ‘finding,’ ‘retrieving,’ ‘getting,’ etc and you’re targeting a whole lot of long tail phrases before you know it.

Now the people who may find you for those terms will likely have the game if they’re already looking for that egg, but they’ve also now become aware of you and your site and may buy their next game from you, especially if you do help them find the egg. You might also add links to other games on that page along the lines of ‘people who like Monster Hunter Freedom also like…’

You now have a new page that can bring in targeted traffic that is already interested in your products. They’re introduction to your site involved helping them so you’ve probably gained their trust and if you’ve managed to do the same on several other of your pages for other games they will remember you, buy something from you, and in time and become loyal customers.

Not only will that single page on finding the egg bring in more long tail traffic, but if you’re truly helping people find that egg you will get links from other sites who’s visitors might also want to find that egg. And more links means you will be getting closer to being able to compete on the ‘Play Station’ keyword you were really hoping would bring you traffic. By starting out small you make big gains.

Ten page static sites don’t cut it anymore. Larger sites that are continuously growing and evolving are required if you want to bring in traffic. No matter what your industry or site topic there are more things you can say about it, and more ways you can say it. The more content you can provide your visitors the more of them you will find at your site and the more of them that will eventually become customers. Build those extra pages with content people want to find and they will find it. They’ll find, they’ll link to it, and they’ll ultimately buy because of it.

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  1. No, it doesn’t work that way anymore. I have 10 blogs and i know. One blog i have, i have been adding quality content for 3 years but the traffic never went up, it has been stabilizing at 500 visits per day for like a year and never have more than that. And other blogs i have too. They are all the same way. But there is one blog, i decided that i would go for main stream content this time, and the answer came to me through Google Analytics, traffic went to the roof in 2 days.

    • Perhaps you noticed the July 2006 date on this post. :)

      I don’t think I ever claimed that something I said 5 years ago would still hold true, especially in the fast changing world of the internet.

      I agree that today it takes more than simply more content.

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