New SEO For Firefox Extension

For everyone in the United States I hope you had a Happy 4th of July. For those outside the states I hope you enjoyed Tuesday.

Earlier today Aaron Wall of SEO Book fame released a new extension for Firefox that I think you’ll find interesting. The SEO for Firefox (Beta) extension offers a lot of extra search engine optimization information added to your normal Google and Yahoo searches.

The extension will give you a lot of information at a glance about your own site or that of your competition. You can see things like the estimated age of the site, the number of backlinks from .edu and .gov sites, and information for social bookmark and blog sites. There are also links to keyword research tools which I’m sure you’ll find useful. For the full list of features for the extension check the link above.

The extension is easy to configure and Aaron gives some recommended settings for you to use. The SEO for Firefox extension can be easily turned on and off with a click on the icon in the status bar and as Aaron advises please generally surf with it off turning the extension on only when doing market research.

At the moment the extension is still in beta and only works on and Future search engines will likely be included and Aaron is already looking at other features to add. You can suggest what you would like to see added by leaving a comment.

The extension did not work well with the Customize Google extension when I first installed it and I was only able to use SEO for Firefox with Yahoo search results. A subsequent update to version 1.5.08b of the extension seems to have fixed the problem and I can now happily use SEO for Firefox on both Google and Yahoo. Overall the extension is a very good tool like many of those found on the SEO Book site and I plan on using it often.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.

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