I’ve Been Nominated For A SEMMY

2008 SEMMY Nominee

I’m not quite sure when and I’m not quite sure how, but a post I wrote back in late August has been nominated for a SEMMY Award. What’s a SEMMY you ask? Why only the greatest award in all of search engine marketing. What’s that? It can’t be such a great award since I was nominated? Thanks for the love and the vote of confidence. Ok, ok, what exactly is a SEMMY?

The SEMMYS are a brand new set of awards to honor the best search engine marketing posts for the year. The annual award has been put together by Matt McGhee of Small Business SEM fame. About a year ago Matt realized

We have some great Search Marketing Awards already in place for the best blogs and bloggers, but we don’t have any for the best blog posts & articles.

David Mihm created a design so Matt could present all the links he collected. And thus the SEMMYS were born.

My post, Branding For Small Business And Bloggers, has been nominated in the Small Business category and along with the other posts in the category will be judged by three very smart people

If you don’t already know, Rae, Todd, and Andrew are the three brightest people in the industry world universe and Rae is by far the most beautiful. (Can’t blame a guy for trying can you?)

Rae, Todd, and Andrew will be whittling down the small business nominees to a more manageable handful at which time voting will be open to the public. I don’t expect that my post will become a finalist in the category as there are 23 other great posts nominated alongside it, but if for some reason the three momentarily lose their senses and make my post a finalist you can be sure I’ll be begging asking all of you to vote.

In all honesty it really is an honor to be among the nominees. When I think of all the posts and articles that have been written over the last year and think that someone who I respect thinks one of mine deserves to be mentioned among the best, it’s a nice feeling. Thank you Matt.

There are 15 categories of SEMMYs in total and a quick scan of the posts reveals some very good content. I’ve read and linked to a lot of these posts over the year, though a few are new to me as are the bloggers who wrote them. I guess Matt and I don’t have exactly the same feed list.

Give the SEMMYS a look. Having read a good majority of the posts nominated I can vouch for their quality. No, you won’t be able to read them all in one sitting. You won’t even be able to read through the entire list in one sitting, but there are a lot of posts worth reading on the list and I’m sure you’ll find some you’ll want to bookmark. I know I’ve bookmarked quite a few of them over the last 12 months.

Thanks again Matt for nominating one of my posts. Win, lose, or draw it’s greatly appreciated to be considered. Now where was I supposed to mail that check again?

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  1. These SEMMY awards don’t seem too much different than Oscars, Webbys, Emmys, etc. (aka Overrated and judged by only a small, (possibly corrupt, I haven’t made my mind up just yet) group of people who choose whichever articles they want, with tons of other quality blog posts being left out in the dust)

    Congratulations Anyway Steven :)

  2. @James – I can’t tell if that’s really a congratulations or not. I’ll assume it is and say thanks.

    I’d agree that no award system is perfect. Anything that’s based on human judging has a lot of failing built into it. However, I don’t think the point of any is to be the voice on what’s good. It’s just a way for someone to call attention to some things they think are worth calling attention to.

    Matt’s a good guy and readily admits he can only read so many blogs. He’d be the first to tell you he missed a lot of good articles along the way. I think he’s done what he can to make this as fair as possible, but in the end it’s just a nice way to say thanks to a few people.

    @Kristine – Thanks. It is pretty cool to be nominated for something.

  3. I fgured the compliment was sincere. I was joking around a bit by questioning it.

    I understand how you feel about awards. I’m not one to ever watch an awards show and can’t really tell you who wins what. I still think they’re a nice way for a person or group to honor others.

    As for the judges in the SEMMYS, none are allowed to judge a category where they have a post nominated. They’re also only narrowing down the full list of nominations to a more manageable one for public voting. I think it’s also hard to find completely unbiased people in any industry. Matt knows a lot of people, but he doesn’t know everyone.

    Maybe it would have been better to have not nominated posts by any of the judges, but at the same time many of the judges have written some of the best posts. Based on the posts I’ve read I’d say that in some categories the best post was written by one of the judges from another category.

    I think we should also take into account this is the first time for this set of awards. Give Matt a chance to see how the first SEMMYS play out so he can make changes for next year. I can’t say I know Matt very well, but I know him well enough to know he’s an honest person and is doing this to give attention to some people who might not always get it.

    Can it be manipulated? Sure. Everything can be manipulated. Is it all that important if an award gets manipulated? Not really. In the end it’s just the opinion of one or more people and I think most people will realize that.

    But with all of the above I do know how you feel about awards in general. The voting is subjective and they shouldn’t be taken as the final word on what is or isn’t best. They can point people to some things that might have been missed. Does winning an award mean the post is really the best one? Of course not. But I do think all the winners will be good posts and be worth reading.

  4. Yes, it was a sincere compliment :)

    I understand that their intentions may be well, and that there’s a lot of stuff they will probably miss, either because of the time constraints, or due to the fact that they just couldn’t find the articles (via viral, search engine, etc.)

    One of the reasons I mentioned that is because there’s only 3 people reviewing each category. But the main thing that caught my eye was that “several” of the articles are written by the same people.

    Along with the fact that I don’t believe awards are important (like the Oscars). It’s through the eye of the reader to judge whether the post was “good” or not, IMO.

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