I’ve Been Nominated For A SEMMY

2008 SEMMY Nominee

I’m not quite sure when and I’m not quite sure how, but a post I wrote back in late August has been nominated for a SEMMY Award. What’s a SEMMY you ask? Why only the greatest award in all of search engine marketing. What’s that? It can’t be such a great award since I was nominated? Thanks for the love and the vote of confidence. Ok, ok, what exactly is a SEMMY?

The SEMMYS are a brand new set of awards to honor the best search engine marketing posts for the year. The annual award has been put together by Matt McGhee of Small Business SEM fame. About a year ago Matt realized

We have some great Search Marketing Awards already in place for the best blogs and bloggers, but we don’t have any for the best blog posts & articles.

David Mihm created a design so Matt could present all the links he collected. And thus the SEMMYS were born.

My post, Branding For Small Business And Bloggers, has been nominated in the Small Business category and along with the other posts in the category will be judged by three very smart people

If you don’t already know, Rae, Todd, and Andrew are the three brightest people in the industry world universe and Rae is by far the most beautiful. (Can’t blame a guy for trying can you?)

Rae, Todd, and Andrew will be whittling down the small business nominees to a more manageable handful at which time voting will be open to the public. I don’t expect that my post will become a finalist in the category as there are 23 other great posts nominated alongside it, but if for some reason the three momentarily lose their senses and make my post a finalist you can be sure I’ll be begging asking all of you to vote.

In all honesty it really is an honor to be among the nominees. When I think of all the posts and articles that have been written over the last year and think that someone who I respect thinks one of mine deserves to be mentioned among the best, it’s a nice feeling. Thank you Matt.

There are 15 categories of SEMMYs in total and a quick scan of the posts reveals some very good content. I’ve read and linked to a lot of these posts over the year, though a few are new to me as are the bloggers who wrote them. I guess Matt and I don’t have exactly the same feed list.

Give the SEMMYS a look. Having read a good majority of the posts nominated I can vouch for their quality. No, you won’t be able to read them all in one sitting. You won’t even be able to read through the entire list in one sitting, but there are a lot of posts worth reading on the list and I’m sure you’ll find some you’ll want to bookmark. I know I’ve bookmarked quite a few of them over the last 12 months.

Thanks again Matt for nominating one of my posts. Win, lose, or draw it’s greatly appreciated to be considered. Now where was I supposed to mail that check again?

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