How To Help Search Engines Find Your Content

The last couple of weeks we’ve been looking at information architecture with a focus on making your site more usable to real people. Today I want to continue that talk, except with the focus of how to make your site more usable to search engines.
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A Better Way To Learn SEO: Dojo Style

Lately when I read most of the seo blogs in my feed reader I’ve been entirely underwhelmed. Too many posts seem to be written more with sensationalism in mind than actual quality. The usual regurgitation of the same old ideas is ever present as well.

In fairness if you read enough blogs you’re going to see the same topics covered again and again and we know those sensationalized titles do work to get clicks. But after awhile what you get from reading seo blogs isn’t quite worth the effort involved reading them. There’s a saturation point where you aren’t learning, but you wish there was a place where you could.

The good news is that place exists.
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5 Reasons Why Design Matters To SEO

Doing well in the search engines basically comes down to one thing: being perceived as an important source of information.

You might be wondering how the design of your blog or website could have anything to do with your placement in the search results. Afterall, you’ve probably been told on numerous occassions that the only thing that matters are things like links and keywords. The fact of the matter is that most amateur SEO professionals don’t have the slightest clue about why design matters. Most of them assume that it doesn’t. And you can tell by looking at the kind of content they promote.
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Bogus Referrer Stats In Google Analytics

Over the last few months I’ve noticed something with the Google Analytics stats for my small business forum that call into the question the validity of those referrer stats and are making me question Google Analytics stats in general.
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The SEO Dojo: Take Your SEO To The Next Level

My gypsy friend Dave has some exciting news and I wanted to share. If you’re an active reader of seo blogs you might notice that after awhile it seems to be just a rehash of the same old. That’s perfectly fine when you’re new and it’s not meant to criticize any of the blogs out there. I’ve certainly rehashed many of the same old ideas myself over the years. But at some point you want something more and it can be hard to find. Dave is looking to provide a little of that something more.
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