Why 95% Of SEO Posts Are Wrong…And Right

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results for targeted keywords.

A few months ago Shoemoney posted to declare that SEO has no future. While the post was most likely nothing more than an attempt at linkbait, the reaction was interesting. Your view of whether Shoe’s post was right or wrong probably had a lot more to do with your definition of SEO than anything Jeremy said in the post.

The post takes a narrow view of SEO and in doing so is generally correct. The SEO Shoe is talking about is going away, but most SEOs would define what they do in much broader terms and when you consider the more liberal definition, SEO isn’t going anywhere.
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How Do You Define SEO?

How do you define SEO? If you are an SEO, where does your work begin and end? What parts of the overall business process are under your control and what parts belong to the domain of another industry?

Last week Dave wrote a post on the evolution of SEO, which aimed to clear up some myths like the SEO is dead conversation that pops up all the time. Good stuff from Dave as usual.

The post caused a little dissension at Sphinn mostly revolving around this statement.

When did conversions become the domain of the SEO puzzle? Sure, it is the end goal of the client and we obviously want to get targeted traffic, but it IS NOT the responsibility of the optimizer.

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Geeks Are Still Relevant In Modern SEO

Holy optimization Batman! Are search geeks no longer relevant in the world of SEO? Nothing of the sort my caped companion in ranking. Search geeks are still highly relevant and likely will be as long as search engines exist. You might even say without them all your optimization efforts could fail entirely.
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The Evolution Of The Modern SEO

Riddle me this… If I asked you to imagine a picture of a stereotypical SEO what would they look like…? Glasses, buck teeth, bald, badly dressed… with suspenders holding up their pants…? Perhaps not quite. But the words ‘search’ and ‘geek’ have become somewhat synonymous over the past 10 years.
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Get 7 Days Of WordTracker For Free

You’re most likely aware that keyword research is a very important part of the SEO process. You can’t really optimize a page without knowing what you’re optimizing that page for. This morning I learned that WordTracker is currently offering a free 7 day trial to the full version of their Keyword Research tools.
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