I’ve Been Nominated For A SEMMY

2008 SEMMY Nominee

I’m not quite sure when and I’m not quite sure how, but a post I wrote back in late August has been nominated for a SEMMY Award. What’s a SEMMY you ask? Why only the greatest award in all of search engine marketing. What’s that? It can’t be such a great award since I was nominated? Thanks for the love and the vote of confidence. Ok, ok, what exactly is a SEMMY?
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The Year in Review: 2007 Stats

Last year around this time I published the year end stats for 2006. While we’re not quite to the end of the year, I think we’re close enough to 2008 for the stats review and a comparison to last year numbers.
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What Factors Give Value To A Link?

Over the weekend Wiep Knol published an article on Link Value Factors, which is worth a read if you’re interested in learning more about how search engines might place value on different links. It’s modeled on the more general Search Engine Ranking Factors from SEOmoz with a series of questions about links answered and ranked by SEOs and then having the results totaled to give you an idea of what might be considered more or less important in determining the quality of a link.
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How To Use Alt Attributes To Increase Search Traffic

Matt Cutts recently produced a video explaining how Google looks at the alt attribute on an image tag and offers some good tips for how best to use them.

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Phrase Based Optimization: A second Look

The following guest post was written by David Harry of www.huomah.com

Hello folks…. Steve decided to keep playin’ Hooky so the loonies are still running the asylum it would seem… we will return you to your regular programming shortly;

Is your SEO world dull? Just doing that same ‘ol thing time and time again? Are you looking for something new and interesting to sink you teeth into? Well my friend.. Step right up and we make what was old new again!!
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