Does AdSense Make Sense?

The following guest post was written by Kristine Shreve.

I recently saw an article in USA Today about the wonders of Adsense and how senior citizens, and others, were using it to make tons of money. The article was brought to my attention by someone who knew that we were looking for ways to generate additional revenue from one of our websites. He thought AdSense might be the perfect fit for our needs.
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Should SEOs Work For Commission?

Would you offer your seo services for commission only? As a small business owner would you request someone to market your site based only on how many sales you make? The question of commission based seo services arose in a thread on the Small Business Forum where the original poster was hoping to get just that. He wanted to get in the top 10 in Google or Yahoo offering 10% of sales generated from search engine optimization in return. Would you take the deal?
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An SEO Quiz As An Example Of Linkbait

SEO Cartoon Quiz

Last week it was the SEOmoz SEO Quiz and this week it’s the SEO Cartoon Quiz. The cartoon quiz is a bit different. 15 questions that will take you less than 5 minutes to answer and most should give you a chuckle.
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SEOmoz’s SEO Quiz

On Monday SEOmoz released an seo quiz that’s been taking a little heat ever since. The criticism is fair, but it’s still a fun quiz to take and the criticism does miss the point somewhat on why the quiz exists in the first place.
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Should SEO Be Regulated?

In a word no.

Adam tagged me in the name of memekind with his post Who Should Regulate SEO? My answer is no one should regulate it, though in truth there already is regulation in place called the free market.
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