Link Building Opportunities Are Everywhere If You’re Paying Attention

Early on in your learning of search engine optimization you come to realize links are important to how well your pages rank. Some sources of links such as forum signatures are easy to discover, but before too long you learn that all links are not created equal and the links you want most are the hardest to get. Inevitably the question arises how and where to get these high quality links. Good news. Link opportunities are all around you and by paying attention you can gain links from authority sources.
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Coverage Of SES San Jose 2007

Search Engine Strategies San Jose is in full swing this week and while I’m not there I thought I could still point you to some of the people who are and have been reporting on the conference. Does that make the following meta coverage of the conference?
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SEMCheck: How Search Friendly Is Your Site?

Having a search engine friendly site is an essential building block for all your search engine marketing. In the past I’ve even made the argument that an ability to code is the most important seo skill you can possess. What do you do, though, if seo site development isn’t your strongest skill?
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Answers To 10 SEO Questions

How knowledgeable are you about search engine optimization? Rand wants to know.

Since he’s often disappointed with the level of knowledge of practicing SEOs, Rand decided to post 10 questions you should know before offering paid seo services. You should definitely know nearly all of these if you plan to charge for optimization, though these 10 questions are certainly not the end all and be all of seo. Rand promised to post his answers sometime in the next day or two, but here are mine.
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Underscores, Dashes, Matt Cutts, Oh My

Should you use dashes or underscores in URLs? The age old question has a new answer. Over the weekend at WorldCamp 2007 Matt Cutts broke the news that Google would soon be treating underscores as word separators, much the way they already treat dashes. That should be welcome news to anyone currently using underscores. In spite of the good news you’re still better off using dashes.
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