Battle Your Favorite Search Engine Founder With Search Engine Smackdown

I thought I’d lighten the mood some after yesterday’s post and send you out to have some fun. The guys at Pronet Advertising have released a very enjoyable game called Search Engine Smackdown in which you get to battle it out against your favorite search engine founders.

Very simple concept. Choose to fight as one of the founders of Google, Yahoo, or MSN and then choose your opponent. Danny Sullivan serves as the fight’s referee. Answer some search engine related questions and watch the competitors fight it out in the Flash application. You win or lose based on whether you get the answer right or wrong. Knock your opponent out fast and you can make the days fastest time. I finally got my fastest time of 49 seconds while writing this, but it’s still not enough to make the top 10 for today.

It’s fun and it’s addictive. It’s also educational. Most of the questions you’ll likely know, but some you won’t and getting kicked by Bill Gates has a funny way of making you remember. Go play and have some fun.

Serph to Manage Your Reputation

Pronet Advertising also pushed their reputation management tool, Serph, out of beta today. Serph is meant to track buzz in real time and pulls results from blog search and social media sites to find out what’s being said right now about you and your competition.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s grabbing results and a few searches I tried returned a lot less results than I would have expected. For instance when checking the buzz on “Kathy Sierra” I can’t find my post from last night, but when I add the word “support” to the query I can. I would think the post would come up somewhere within the results for both searches. I suppose as with all search applications there’s an algorithm determining what will and won’t show.

The results are based on recency, which makes sense for a buzz meter and the results are generally good from my limited tests and I imagine they will further improve with time.

So have some fun smacking down some search engine founders with Search Engine Smackdown and when your done make sure no one’s smacking down your reputation by checking Serph to see what’s being said about you and your company.

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  1. It’s fun isn’t it? My best time is 49 seconds, which hasn’t been enough to make the top 10. If you keep playing some of the questions repeat, though I haven’t played a game where I’d seen every question.

    For that best time I got every question right and thought I answered pretty quick too. I’m not sure how much faster I can get my time, but I’ll try.

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