SEO Book’s New Search Engine Marketing Glossary

In case you missed it Aaron Wall added a rather comprehensive search engine marketing glossary to his SEO Book site. I’d be lying if I told you I read through the whole glossary, but from what I have read it looks to be very useful, particularly to anyone new to search engine optimization and marketing. It’s not the kind of thing you’ll read in one sitting, though. Aaron was also nice enough to release his glossary under the creative commons license.

You’ll find definitions from 200 to Zeal and many more in between. Aaron’s even been kind enough to link to more than a dozen other glossaries and dictionaries in case there’s something missing here or you’re looking for another point of view.

You’ll find entries for things you might not have considered in terms of search marketing, though they will often be defined from the perspective of a practicing SEO. Entires such as:

Synonym directory search engines use to help increase return relevancy.
Thesaurus tools can also be used as a keyword research tool to help search marketers find related keywords to target.

And of course there will be many more entries defining a specific search marketing term like:

A measure of how close words are to one another.
A page which has words near one another may be deemed to be more likely to satisfy a search query containing both terms. If keyword phrases are repeated an excessive number of times, and the proximity is close on all the occurrences of both words it may also be a sign of unnatural (and thus potentially low quality) content.

I hope everyone will take a look since there’s a lot of information to be learned here as well as a glimpse into how one of the top SEOs thinks and defines many common and not so common search terms.

I’ll certainly be reading through the search engine marketing glossary more in depth. Probably in chunks as it really is quite a lot of information to try to digest all at once. I’d encourage anyone to take a look and for those new to SEO you can probably learn more from this one very long page than you will in scouring the web for the next couple of months.

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