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SEO contests are far from perfect, but some recent ones do test a fair amount of your skills and offer some truly great prizes and perhaps more importantly the attention of heavyweights in the industry. Two new contests were announced this week to join Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim SEM Scholarship contest which started a few weeks ago.

First a reminder about the Marketing Pilgrim contest. There are some really good articles in this second version of the contest and I’d encourage everyone to read those that grab your interest. As someone who entered the first contest I know the work that goes into writing the article and promoting it. Show everyone their efforts are appreciated.

Andy’s contest seems to have inspired a couple of new ones. Web Analytics World is now taking entries for a blogging contest modeled after the Marketing Pilgrim contest. Entrants will write an article about the topic “The Future of Search Marketing” and then promote the article by any means they choose. Entries must be received by Tuesday May 8th so there are still a few days left to enter. Prizes aren’t quite what Andy is offering, but they’re still pretty good

Bruce Clay has started a somewhat different contest aimed at helping you favorite non-profit.

For the next two weeks, we’re inviting search engine marketers to contact a non-profit organization that you’re passionate about and whose Web site you feel could benefit from an organic search engine optimization campaign.

If the non-profit agrees to partner with you for this contest, conduct a preliminary analysis of their site. Use what you already know about search engine optimization to pinpoint what they’re doing well and where they are faltering. Then, tell us in 1000 words or less how their Web site could benefit from an organic SEO campaign and what edits you would make to improve their site.

The winner gets a free pass to SMX in Seattle, a seat in July’s SEO training course and Advanced Certification course. Add up the usual prices and it’s nearly $4,000 worth of prizes. And of course everyone gets to feel good helping a cause they feel passionate about.

For anyone who decides to enter good luck and for everyone else why not support the hard work that goes into entering contests of these kind. SEO contests have come along way since those asking us to rank for a made up keyphrase.

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  1. Glad to help promote the contest Manoj. If I can find the time I’ll gladly submit an entry. Even if I don’t I’ll be following along with the contest and reading the entries of others. I think seo contests have taken a big step in the right direction the last few months, mostly thanks to Andy. Their more fun and do a better job of testing skills and most importantly help to teach both the participants and those following along how to become better SEOs

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