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My gypsy friend Dave has some exciting news and I wanted to share. If you’re an active reader of seo blogs you might notice that after awhile it seems to be just a rehash of the same old. That’s perfectly fine when you’re new and it’s not meant to criticize any of the blogs out there. I’ve certainly rehashed many of the same old ideas myself over the years. But at some point you want something more and it can be hard to find. Dave is looking to provide a little of that something more.

SEO Geeks Newsletter

First up is the SEO Geeks Newsletter. If you know Dave you know he’s one of the few that actively reads through search patents in order to translate them for the rest of us. I’ve read or tried to read a few myself and it’s no easy task.

Among other things the newsletter will offer the latest patent news as well as information from the related research papers.

If you want to know where search might be headed this is one great way to get a glimpse. It’s free to sign up and promises to have information you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

The SEO Dojo

Next up and perhaps more exciting is the new SEO Dojo Dave is getting ready. I’ll let Dave tell you in his own words what it’s all about

If you’re looking for a community dedicated to search engine optimization and higher learning; then you’ve found a home. The Fire Horse; SEO Dojo is a one-of-a-kind school and playground for the SEO community. Founded on the belief that greater amounts of wisdom could be collected and shared than exists out there today. We’re here to provide a private environment where strategies and tactics can be freely expressed and high level tactics learned.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to see what’s inside and perhaps even help shape the direction a little with some feedback. The paint hasn’t quite dried yet, but the color looks good and I like what I see. The dojo is off to a nice start and includes a private seo forum and a growing library of patents and research papers. Dave’s even been kind enough to offer both his SEO Handbook and the link builders edition of the SEO Handook.

There are articles on keyword research and link building and perhaps more importantly some very knowledgeable SEOs willing to share tips to help you get to the next level.

The Dojo is currently still under construction. That paint needs to dry a bit more, but it should be coming to a theater near you soon. I’m sure it’ll be announced in the newsletter, so if you’re interested it’s probably a good idea to hop on over and sign up.

If you need a little more convincing, check out Dave’s latest post on Future proofing your seo so you can see he knows his stuff.

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    • Dave knows his stuff. The dojo isn’t ready and I’m not quite sure what the eventual plans for it will be, but so far it looks good from what I’ve seen.

      The first newsletter should be coming early next week.

    • I’m such a tease :)

      You can sign up for the newsletter now. I believe Dave will be sending the first one out on Tuesday so it’s only a few more days.

      He hasn’t revealed yet when the dojo will open its doors, but I imagine it will be sometime in the not too distant future. Still some things to set up and bugs to work out. When he tells me more I’ll pass it on, though I suspect the info will also find its way into the newsletter.

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