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Yeah, I admit I’m a bit of an extension junkie when it comes to Firefox and have quite a few more than I really need. A few weeks ago I talked about some of my favorite web developer extensions for Firefox and today I’m back with a collection of seo extensions for Firefox that can help make your optimization easier.

Search Engine Toolbars

Seems like every search engine has a toolbar to get you to use their engine more often. If you use one or another a lot you may find one of their toolbars saves you time when searching and what seo doesn’t spend a lot of time searching. The Google Toolbar now comes standard with your Firefox extension, but there’s also Google Advanced Operations Toolbar for all those advanced search operators which can help find information about your site or competition. Similarly toolbars also exist for Yahoo, Ask Power Tools, and even Clusty.

Two other extensions that give you some advanced Google options are Advanced Dork which allows you to highlight text on a web page and quickly run an advanced search at Google and CustomizeGoogle that naturally enough lets you customize how Google works for you. One of my favorite parts of this extension is that it provides links to run the same search you just did in Google in a variety of other engines making it easy to compare the results at the different engines.

AdSense Extensions

While not exactly seo two extensions you might find useful if you use AdSense are Adsense Notifier and AdSense Preview. AdSense Notifier will display the day’s AdSense earnings in the status bar and update itself as often as every 15 minutes. It also gives you quick access to log in to you account. AdSense Preview will show the ads likely to appear on any page. I’ve tested it against pages that are showing ads and it does a very good job of predicting. You can also click on the ads it shows without danger of getting in trouble with AdSense since clicking on those links doesn’t get recorded. If you’ve ever been curious about where the ads on your site lead this extension will let you find out.

Meta Data

There are several seo extensions that will give you meta data such as backlinks, DMOZ listings, Whois information, and more about a given site. Some of them are SEO Open, About This Site, and SearchStatus. All offer similar features though each has a few of their own so test them all out and see which one works best for you. Meta Tags Sidebar naturally enough gives information about the meta tags of a given page as well as offering things like links to keyword suggestion tools.

Most of the features of these extensions are things you’ll find you do often as an seo and any and all can help you save time when checking your site and the sites of your competition. The quick access to linking information will save you more than enough time alone, but there are many other search engine optimization tools in all to play with.

Backlink Extensions

The meta data extensions have some features for checking backlinks, but there are some extensions that focus more on backlinks each with some different features. Niche Watch asks you to type a keyword phrase and then gives you back a wealth of information about the competition for that keyword. Much of the information is in the number of backlinks at Google and Yahoo, but there’s much more such as information about anchor text and page titles.

SEO Links gives you the ability to mouse over any link on a page and get a quick look at the link popularity and ranking data for the URL and anchor text. The ILQ Extension is a new tool measuring the inbound link quality of any site. While still a new extension and system I think ILQ is going to be increasingly valuable for determining which sites can provide quality backlinks for your site. This one’s going to prove very useful in the days ahead as the tool and the system develop.

Other SEO Extensions

Some other extensions you may find useful are the YellowPipe Lynx Viewer Tool which will show you what your site looks like in the Lynx browser. Lynx is often compared to how search engine spiders view your site so it’s definitely worth a look. While the functionality is built into other extensions I’ve mentioned above you may still want to look at LiveHttpHeaders or Header Monitor to check that your 301 redirects are working as you want them to. Whois is an extension that simply displays whois information for a site. The meta data extensions mentioned include this information, but here they are in case you want a stand alone extension for this information.

RankQuest SEO Toolbar

The RankQuest SEO Toolbar is a new toolbar (about a week old as I write this) that looks promising. I’ve yet to use it as I only discovered it earlier tonight. It claims to provide access to 25 intuitive seo tools. I did install it and it looks promising, however it also seems to disable my context menu (at least I think this was the extension that was the culprit) so I’ve disabled this toolbar for the moment until I can get it and my context meny working together or find which other extension might be causing the problem. The toolbar does combine the features of many of the other extensions I’ve mentioned so it may save from having to install several similar tools

There are many more Firefox extensions to help you with seo and search in general. These are just some of the few I have found useful. Click the link for the search extensions at the Mozilla site and have a look at some of the others. I can’t say I use them as often as I use the developer extensions, but I do use them and like I said at the start I’m somewhat of an extension junky and can’t seem to go more than a few weeks with installing and trying out yet another new extension. Fortunately for me there are new seo and other extensions being developed all the time.

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