Site Wide Duplicate Content Analyzer

You would think that being on vacation would mean more time to write. Unfortunately it’s never the case and so again I’ll be keeping tonight’s post brief and simply pointing you to a tool you might find useful. I recently wrote some of my thoughts on duplicate content and after having posted on the topic came across a tool that can help measure the amount of duplicate content on your web pages.

The Site Wide Duplicate Content Analyzer will crawl a given site and show a similarity percentage for the pages. The tool won’t compare pages across different sites or domains, but if you read my previous post on the subject you’ll recall I think the issue with duplicate content is of greater concern for legitimate sites over the one site as when compared to another site.

I’ll do my best to get back to my more usual posting on Sunday, but as I’ll still be away I think it best not to make any promises. I will be back home and working beginning next Tuesday so even if I’m off for one more post I hope you’ll forgive my indiscretion of taking a much needed vacation and stick with me for a few more days until I’m back to my usual routine.

Download a free sample from my book, Design Fundamentals.


  1. Hiops it looks like the tool has been temporarily taken offline. From the site:

    UPDATE (8/05/2006)

    This tool is NOT working at the moment as the Web-based PHP script that used to compare the % of duplicate content among pages for it has been disabled by the host since it was causing a high load on the server. It won’t work till I get a dedicated server of my own to host it and update this tool. Thanks!

    I think if you check back to the page in the link at the top of this post it will eventually be back and running.

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