The Best Laid Plans…Still Require Timing

Sometimes you can have what you think is a great idea and still fail to profit from it due to a lack of timing. It happened to me a few days ago.

Since Nick Wilson published The Art of Linkbaiting a little over a year ago there have been many excellent articles on the subject. Recently there have been some new and very good articles on linkbaiting, most notably Andy Hagan’s Ultimate Guide to Linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing.

It occurred to me that it would be useful to collect as many of these articles as possible and create a list of links to them that would serve as a resource on the subject. A rather linkbaitable idea I thought and so I’ve been gathering links for a week or two in preparation for the post.

I had planned my post for early last week, but put it off till the end of the week. Friday I spent some time gathering the links to one place, decided to start an early weekend, and save the post for tonight. A funny thing happened though.

Over the weekend I came across two posts:

Both posts are lists of links pointing to articles on linkbait. 74 and 94 links respectively. The latter post has gathered 66 Diggs at the moment and was down earlier tonight, possibly due to heavy traffic. The former post hasn’t grabbed quite as many Diggs, three the last time I checked, but it could easily receive more.

I could certainly have gone ahead with my own post of links and organized them differently from the way either of the two posts above organized them. While many of the links would be in common, each post would have a few unique links. These will certainly not be the only two list of links to linkbait information that will be or even currently are online.

However publishing my own post with a similar list today would seem to me rather derivative and so you’re reading this post instead. Maybe at a later time you’ll see a version of my original post, but not tonight.

A couple of weeks ago Quadzilla wrote a post called Do it F***ing Now (sorry Quadzilla, mine’s a family blog) in which he urged you to take the advice in the title. Read his post now and follow the advice. I read the post, but didn’t follow the advice and potentially lost out on a great piece of linkbait.

We all have ideas. Those ideas only become profitable if you put them into action. In this case I didn’t and potentially lost eyeballs and some valuable links into my site. I’ll recover. A single post is far from the only idea I’ve had or will have. Next time though, I’ll act quicker on the idea and do what I can to be first with it.

Heed the advice. Sometimes that idea you have, no matter how great, can lead to nothing if you don’t get it out in time.

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