Top 10 Lists As Link Bait

Lists can be a great form of Link Bait. Whether it’s top 10, top 20, top 100, or top 342, if the list can provide something valuable or some useful resources it will probably attract links. People love top lists and are drawn to them and will link to the to draw others as well. There’s something irresistible about top 10 lists.

You shouldn’t just put up any old list though. Type ‘top 10′ into Google and you should see over 3 billion results. ‘top 100′ yields 1.3 billion results. Even ‘top 342′ which was a number I picked at random comes back with almost 35 million results. There’s a lot of lists out there and if you want yours to get some notice it’s best to make it unique or a little better than the others out there. If you’re an authority on a topic your list on that topic should carry more weight. Pick a controversial subject or maybe something timely. Anything to separate it from other lists. Top lists do attract attention in general though, since they are easy to read or at the least, easy to skim so you can decide if you want to read the whole thing.

All this came up, because last night on two of the blogs I consistently read there were some lists. SEOmoz’s 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space and SEO Book’s 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006 both offered something I was interested in and both were from trusted sources. The latter even includes building lists as the number one item on it’s list and you’ll notice both have captured at least one link each from me. I’m sure they got a few more as well.

50 Top Blogs in the Search Space

This is really a great list of blogs. About 20 are in my current reading list and I’ll be checking out the rest now that I’ve been made aware of them. SEOmoz’s own blog isn’t included, but it should be. It’s one of the first I go to for information each day. The list is pretty inclusive and there are a few more given in the comments including a link to another list by RustyBrick, Which Search Blogs Am I Most Likely To Read In More Detail.

Of course I was completely shocked not to find this blog on the list. Ok, maybe not, but hopefully one day I can make it on someone’s list of top bloggers. The link back here would be nice especially if the list becomes an authority page as happens with many others. Maybe one day I’ll post my own reading list. As long as you promise to link to it.

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006

Some good info here from someone who knows how to build links. SEO Book shows over 145,000 backlinks in Yahoo to the domain and even the stingy backlink display of Google shows nearly 3,500 links pointing to the domain. If you poke around the site you’ll see that Aaron uses many of the suggestions on his list to build links so he has some experience with this.

Do pay some attention to the last part of the list ’30 Bad Ways to Build Links.’ Sadly, far too many people think the items included on the what not to do part of the list are the way to build links. Please pay attention and know these tactics won’t help you at all. Building links is very important, but no one said it was easy. If you want the kind of links that will help your site you need to create something worthy of linking to. SEO Book lists 71 ways to get links that have a better chance of being quality links.

Check out the two lists above and start building your own. Make them unique, smart, authority, controversial, or anything else that will make someone want to read them and then link to them. You already have a head start on getting those links simply by creating a list. Now create a good one and bring home those links and traffic.

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