What To Do If AdSense Bans You

You’ve seen it before. Someone starts a thread at (insert your favorite webmaster or seo forum here) complaining that Google has unfairly banned their AdSense account. As much as they insist they did nothing wrong usually a little digging reveals either they or someone they know was clicking on the ads a little more than they should have been. Still there are publishers who’s accounts have been banned through no fault of their own. If that’s the case what can you do to be included back into the program?

Not having been banned myself or knowing anyone directly who has been banned I can’t say from experience what will work, but I’ve always assumed you wanted to be as polite and humble as possible and offer to supply Google with anything they want in their investigation. After that you just wait and hope you get the response that all is forgiven.

While I might not have experience in the matter and hope I never get any, Jason from yfs1 has written an excellent guide on what you can do if you have been legitimately banned. He speaks from experience having been wrongfully banned and later re-included. His advice is good and hopefully it will help if you find yourself in a similar situation

The links:
AdSense Reinstallment Guide
Examples of emails to Google
Summary of the AdSense TOS

And for those that don’t like summaries here are the links to the full AdSense Terms and Conditions and Program Policies

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