Yahoo! Adopts NOYDIR Meta Tag

The Yahoo! Search blog announced earlier today that they have finally added support for the NOYDIR meta tag. Yahoo! already supports the NOODP tag that was instituted a few months back to prevent DMOZ descriptions from displaying in the SERPs.

If you have a listing in the Yahoo! directory and are not happy with the directory description showing as a snippet in search results you’ll be able let Yahoo! know not to use it as the abstract. Yahoo! has provided two tags to prevent your directory description from showing.



<meta NAME="Slurp" CONTENT="NOYDIR">

From the search blog:

For pages with this tag, we will not use Yahoo! Directory titles or abstracts for your URL in web search results.

Yahoo! Weather Report

As part of the new NOYDIR tag Yahoo! is re-indexing content so the new tag can take effect. Expect to see Yahoo! visiting your site soon as well as some ranking changes and shuffling as is typical with Yahoo weather updates.

The changes should be happening now in the U.S., Japan, and Korea, and will be rolled out in other areas in the future.

Since I congratulated Google and MSN when they first adopted NOODP I’ll congratulate Yahoo! for the new NOYDIR tag. I’d still like to see them address the issue of displaying SERP titles based on the anchor text of links pointing to a page though.

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  1. Nice idea. I wonder how far search engines will go to allow webmasters to configure how their site appears in SERPS.

    Do you think we will eventually be able to decide what the text snippet says, Beyond the some times used description tag.

  2. I’m pretty sure the search engines will always want to show snippets when they think the description isn’t the best match for a particular query. It’s not necessarily a bad thing either as there’s a good deal of evidence that people are more likely to click through on results where the snippet (and link text) are showing and bolding the words they used in their search.

    I suppose if you want to have your meta description show more often it’s a good idea to get in your main keywords for the page. I think as long as your description matches well enough with the query it will show as the snippet. Of course if you overdo it the description does run the risk of appearing spammy and losing clicks.

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