Thoughts On How Social Networks Impact Search Results

A few weeks ago Nikos asked if I would offer my opinion on social networks and their effect on search results, particularly now that Google+ is on the scene. Who am I to say no?
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Who Wants A Google+ Invite?

A few weeks ago I wrangled an invite to Google+ and now have some invites of my own to share. I thought I’d also offer a few thoughts for those of you who haven’t had a chance to get inside yet.
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Why Your Website is More Valuable Than Facebook

If you were given a choice when first taking your “brick and mortar” business online to develop a website or set up a Page on Facebook, and you weren’t allowed to do the other which would you choose? Would you build a website and give up marketing through Facebook or would you set up a Facebook page and give up having your own website?
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Are Your Social Media Profiles A Wasteland?

This past weekend Leo Laporte made a troubling discovery about his social network that’s having him question everything he’s done with social media over the last few years and giving him one giant buzz kill.
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The Original Social Media Rockstar

The following is a guest post from James Duthie.

Obama’s recent inauguration seems to have a lot of business people thinking seriously about social media. Obama’s ability to digitally connect with millions of people to achieve campaign goals (Eg. record fundraising) seems to have a whole lot of people thinking about how they can use social media in their business.
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