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When I first started getting comment spam on this blog I took it as a sign my blog had begun to arrive. I figured I must be doing something right to have at least gotten the attention of spammers. A couple months later and all I feel is completely annoyed by the amount of spam comments that are trying to get through.

Please allow me a momentary rant. Hey all you spammers, get a life. If you haven’t already figured it out your comments don’t get through nor will they ever get through. I have to personally approve any comment before it shows up on the site and I can assure you that your irrelevant comments won’t ever get past me. This blog is also set up to only permit a very limited number of links so when you try to post 40 or more links it ain’t gonna happen. So stop sending me the same stupid comments that clearly show you haven’t read a single post here. When you comment on a post where I talk about my step father passing away and tell me how my site is great and you learned a lot of science from it and for me to keep it up I just wonder how stupid you really are.

Ok thanks for letting me make my small rant. I could easily sped this entire post ranting, but I have better things to do with my time and so do you I also realize that none of the spammers will ever read the words above or any words on this blog, but I want to make a point. Spammy comments on blogs aren’t going to do anything to drive traffic to your site. They won’t help in a search engine either since most blogs have the rel=”nofollow” attribute applied to all links in comments. So a search engine spider is just going to skip right over it and not count it as a link at all.

Similar to blogs are forums and as a regular forum poster and moderator I can tell you there’s a lot of spam there as well. On forums the system itself may not catch the bad post, but the moderators quickly will. Those posts won’t do anything to get people to your site either. So does that mean it’s useless to post to forums or comment on blogs if you’re hoping either will drive traffic to your site?

The Right Way To Post And Comment On Forums And Blogs

While the main reason you should be posting and commenting is because you have something to add to the discussion, both forums and blogs can help drive traffic your way. Actually any online community can drive traffic to your site. The trick is simple actually. You just need to become part of the community.

When you post regularly and particularly if you make quality forum posts and blog comments the people reading your words will become curious about you and your business and naturally click the links to your site. I get a good amount of regular traffic daily from a variety of forums and blogs. When you write quality posts and comments people get to know you and what you’re about. They get to know what you can do and they learn more about you, your site, and your business and when they want to know more or look into your products and services they’ll visit your site.

Choosing The Best Forums And Blogs

You might think it obvious where you should be posting and commenting. For example it would only seem natural for me to post to webmaster and seo blogs and forums and I do. And while I get some good traffic from them, there are other forums and blogs that will drive even better traffic my way when it comes to conversions. Most webmasters already know how to build a website so they generally won’t need me to do it for them. This blog is mainly for them since I try to and hope I offer useful advice for building sites and getting search engines to find those sites. However the visitors I get from small business forums and blogs will much more often contact me for work.

It’s rather obvious when you think about it. The small business visitors are my typical clients. They’re going to be more likely to need help in building a website since their primary skills are in the things they do in their business and not necessarily in build and hosting a website or getting that website to rank well in a search engine. I’ll still be a part of webmaster and seo related blogs and forums because I find the discussions interesting. I like to help those with less experience than myself and learn from those with more experience. But when it comes to generating leads give me a small business forum any day of the week.

If you’re looking for traffic that converts, and in truth it’s the only kind of traffic you really want, then you should be posting and commenting in the places where your potential clients and customers are likely to be. Those generally won’t be industry related forums and blogs though it’s possible some of your customers will be there. It’s more probably they’ll be hanging out in other places that may talk about your industry from time to time. If you can find those places it’s much easier to become the expert in your field very quickly and earn the trust and respect of the very same people who’s trust and respect you want to earn so they will make use of your services or buy your products.

Making useless forum posts or sending out comment spam to blogs is pointless. It won’t help you in any way. The links are worth a lot less than you might think and most people can recognize spam when they see it. The only think it’s likely to get you is banned from ever being a part of those communities. However if you take the time to become part of the community and can provide usefull things to add to the discussion going on you can both drive traffic to your site and find yourself with new clients and customers. You may even make a friend or two along the way.

Online communities are not all that different from offline communities. The more you become part of the community the more the community, the more the benefit you’ll receive from that community.

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  1. I am looking into certain anti-spam technologies, but I haven’t found the one I want to use yet. I’ll probably end up going with one of those image verification things, but I don’t always care for them on other sites since they can be very difficult to read sometimes. I’m happy to hear a suggestion though, since I still haven’t found one.

    The spam hasn’t gotten to the point where it’s uncontrollable, just annoying. The point of bringing it up was less about how it affects me personaly and more about how it really isn’t going to have the intended effect when it comes to search engines.

    There are better ways to make blog comments and forum posts to drive traffic to your site

  2. There are plenty of tools to choose from SEO. But the tools that are really effective and reliable are those many people have tried using and gave good feedbacks for it. Latest and best seo software available nowadays are just some few clicks away.Its just a matter of some research about the tool and how it will help your site to rank.

  3. I wonder whether people in 2006 thought about spam in 2014?

    ONTOPIC – I too am at a loss as to what spammers expect to get from blog and forum spam. In over a decade spent online and being moderator on two forums and a blogger I found only one spam message whose content (that is link) was interesting. Everything else was garbage. I guess that people just develop, or more commonly buy bots and let them run in hopes that they will generate traffic. Bot makers are probably the only ones who make serious profit here.

    Situation was different in 2006, but now even dofollow blogs/forums are not worth much when it comes to SEO. Google is good at finding out sites where people can post links by themselves.

    That being said, using KeywordLuv on your blog could bring you some traffic. A few days after starting one of my new blogs and only a day after installing keywordluv I started getting about 50 hits a day from spammers. Unfortunately these are all bots and my CPM ads don’t even register their visits. I should probably put CAPTCHA on my blog.

    • Who knows if people thought about 2014 spam in 2006. I don’t think I did.

      I think even the nofollow links on blogs and forums contribute something to more search traffic, though I think spammers far overestimate the value.

      The main thing to consider though is how much effort goes into spamming forums and blogs. Probably not much. Click a few buttons on some software and let the computer do the rest. To stop spam you have to flip the balance so the effort to spam is greater than the value of the return. Until that happens people will spam.

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