How Does $25,000 In Prizes Sound?

As some of you know I’m an admin at the Webmaster-Talk forums and have been a member there for over two years. Last week Webmaster-Talk grew significantly as it merged with EarnersForum and to celebrate WT is running a contest with 5 winners each receiving a prize package worth $25,000.

Some of the prizes include:

  • Macbook Air laptop
  • Professional version Shopping Cart solution
  • Cash that can be applied to affiliate networks and marketing
  • An iPod Touch
  • 3 Free months of SEO Training from Aaron Wall

There are more prizes to be found on the contest announcement page at the forum.

The contest is based on a system of points, which you can earn in a variety of ways and you can find the rules here.

$25,000 in prizes is certainly good reason to join, but there’s more to the forum than the contest

Why Webmaster-Talk?

About a year ago I reviewed Webmaster-Talk and outside of the obvious changes like new forums and a new Marketplace that resulted from the merge what I said in the previous review still holds true.

Webmaster-Talk has generally been a welcoming community where newbies and experts alike are treated well. The staff takes a strong stand against insults to other members and we do what we can to keep things civil. I’ve made a lot of friends through the forum over the years and expect that will continue in the years ahead.

Design, development, and website administration answers have always been a strength of Webmaster-Talk. If you’re having a problem getting a site to look or function the way you want just ask and in a matter of hours someone will likely have offered a fix. Monetization strategies were a strength of EarnersForum and the two forums overlapped where marketing and seo are concerned. The combined Webmaster-Talk forum is now a one place stop for everything about creating, marketing, and profiting from a website.

I’ve found people with varied expertise over the years at the forum. The new members from EarnersForum bring the one area of knowledge that may have been previously lacking. This is really a good mix of forums and a good mix of members.

Forums are no longer the sexy social networks, but they are still one of the better social mediums when it comes to connecting with other people and even when it comes to driving traffic. My stats will back up that Webmaster-Talk is consistently one of the main referrers here and I know quite a few of you reading now first found your way here through one of my signature links at the forum. The combined WT and EF forums can now boast over 56,000 members, which is a huge audience for you and your site.

Give Webmaster-Talk a look. It’s free to join, though you will need to join to be eligible for the contest. You have a month until the contest ends which will be more than enough time to decide if you enjoy the community. I suspect you will like it and hope to see you there.

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