20 Quick Tips For Squidoo Newbies

The following guest post was written by Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

I bet you had already heard about Squidoo.

No? Well, in this case you are losing lots of good publicity opportunities for your blog, website, or business.
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Forums: The Forgotten Social Media

They aren’t sexy, they seem ancient in web years, and they don’t get talked about as much as they once were, yet forums are still one of the best sources of quality traffic. Done right they bring consistent traffic month after month, traffic that does stick around and subscribe to your blog and inquire about your services.
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It May Be Stupid, But It's Twitter's Greatest Strength

This past weekend my brother and I spoke on the phone as we do most weekends. We talked about watching the US Open and shared thoughts about who we’d be rooting for when Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate played another 18 holes of golf in Monday’s playoff.
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Deriving Value From Social Media Referral Traffic

There are many who want to look at social media in the same way they might look at search. Some want to see the direct value in social media traffic and when the traffic doesn’t lead to any meaningful conversions they want to condemn social media and proclaim it as valueless.
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How Does $25,000 In Prizes Sound?

As some of you know I’m an admin at the Webmaster-Talk forums and have been a member there for over two years. Last week Webmaster-Talk grew significantly as it merged with EarnersForum and to celebrate WT is running a contest with 5 winners each receiving a prize package worth $25,000.
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