Is Asking A Substitute For Thinking?

Roderick Ioerger wrote an interesting post for Marketing Pilgrim a few days ago, where he asked is social media an impediment to problem solving? The basic argument is the idea that the convenience of having others readily available to answer your questions inhibits finding the solution yourself and thus leads to less critical thinking. It’s a valid argument, but I don’t agree with the conclusion.
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Love To Hear The Bloggers Goin’ Tweet Tweet Tweet

For a long time when mentioning Twitter in one of my This Week Month In SEO posts a comment usually accompanied the mention along the lines “I still don’t care what you’re doing right now.” A funny thing happened in the last few days. I began to care. I started tweeting a couple of days ago and am quickly getting addicted. I thought I’d share some of my early impressions of Twitter.
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How To Build Your Brand Through Social Media

When you hear the phrase social media what comes to mind? What associations do you make with social media where marketing and seo are concerned? Did you think of a site like Digg or StumbleUpon? Were you thinking about how you could get your content to the front page so first traffic and then links would flow into your site? Those are common thoughts about social media, but I want to change your thought process a little and look at social media in a different way. Instead of seeing social media as a way to bring more into your site let’s look at how you can put more into social media sites and in doing so how you can brand yourself and increase your sphere of influence.
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How To Use MyBlogLog As A Branding Tool

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A couple of days ago I asked if MyBlogLog was still relevant to the SEO community. The response to the question was pretty much as expected with people not really using MBL as much as they might have a few months ago. I still use the site and thought I’d explain why I still log and and out of MyBlogLog most days and how I see it as beneficial for my blog.
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Is MyBlogLog Still Relevant?

Late last week MyBlogLog updated their sign in process to require you to use your Yahoo ID when logging into the system. What surprised me most about the change was how it seemingly went unnoticed or unreported in the SEO community. I’m curious if you still use MyBlogLog and how relevant you think it is as a social site?
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