When Does Social Media Marketing Become Spam?

Is it spam when you submit your own content to a social news site? Is it spam if you have your friend submit the content? Is it spam if your friend submits content when you didn’t specifically ask them to? Where’s the line between marketing and spam?
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Can You Trust The Wikipedia?

Trust – reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.

How confident are you that a particular Wikipedia page has reliable information? How sure are you in the ability of all the people who may have edited that page? Thanks to Luca de Alfaro and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Cruz you may soon be able to know which parts of a given Wikipedia page you can and can’t trust.
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List Of 1,000 Web 2.0 Apps

Are you using social media to connect with potential customers and clients? Do you want to, but don’t know where to spend your time?

One of the reasons I’m not a big player in social media is because I haven’t found the social sites I connect with. I use del.icio.us to bookmark pages and I’ve set up a few profiles on the usual top sites, but none of the communities has ever called out to me to participate. The more active you are on a particular social media site the better you can market yourself by making connections. The problem is finding the sites you want to interact with. If you find yourself in a similar position have a look at the Web 2.0 Top 1,000 List!.
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Digg + Microsoft = ?

If you built a community around your site that showed a clear dislike for a certain company would you choose to display ads from that company? If you came across a community that was hostile to your company would spend your advertising dollars there? Neither would I, but both Digg and Microsoft think it’s a good idea.
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Social Networking Made Simple

Do I have to tell you that social networking is an important part of marketing yourself, your site, and your business? I didn’t think so. Sometimes, though, I think we can all use a reminder of what social networking is fundamentally all about. Fortunately for us The CommonCraft Show has created a good video that explains very simply what a social network is and why it works so well online.
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