At Digg, The Inmates Now Run The Asylum

During my routine travels through the blogoshphere yesterday I happened upon a post at Pronet by Muhammad, The Reason Why Digg Removed That Story, and after a read and saving the link for Friday’s This Week In SEO post, I promptly moved on to the next blog awaiting me. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized the revolt that was going on over at Digg about the story in question. Shows what I know huh?
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Rumors And News From Social Media And Search

Maybe it’s everyone posting more the week after SES or maybe it was just a big week for news, but when I looked at the links I’ve collected for tomorrow’s This Week In SEO post I realized I had gathered a lot more than usual and it was going to be hard to cut some. In order to keep the links tomorrow somewhat manageable I thought I’d offer some of them tonight in the form of three big stories.
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Review Of The Webmaster-Talk Forums

I normally don’t do a lot of reviews, but Tim, the owner of Webmaster-Talk recently asked members with a blog to review the forum. Since Webmaster-Talk has given a lot to me over the last year I wanted to give something back to Tim and to the forum.
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How Many Social Media Icons Is Too Many?

As some of you know I’m working on a redesign of my site. Part of the reason for the new design is optimizing the site more for social media, including the use of bookmarklets at the bottom of posts. This afternoon I did some searching to find some icons I could grab and use in Photoshop to see how they fit with the design. I found the images I was looking for, but I also found a lot of negative sentiment about sites that use social media icons.
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Digg And SEO Don’t Play Well Together

You may have heard that recently many seo and marketing related sites are getting banned by Digg for the scandalous offense of being seo and marketing related sites.

I first came across the phenomenon earlier this month when Matt posted his URL Has Been Reported By Users And Cannot Be Submitted To Digg at This Time. At the time I didn’t know the reason for the ban nor did Matt, though I admit I had some suspicions. A couple of weeks later in the post script to 21 Traffic Triggers for Social Media Marketing, Brian Clarke of CopyBlogger fame mentions the post making the front page of Digg whereupon the editors immediately took it down.
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