Social Networking Made Simple

Do I have to tell you that social networking is an important part of marketing yourself, your site, and your business? I didn’t think so. Sometimes, though, I think we can all use a reminder of what social networking is fundamentally all about. Fortunately for us The CommonCraft Show has created a good video that explains very simply what a social network is and why it works so well online.

Found via Search Engine Guide. Thanks Jen.

In the words of the video’s creators:

This video is for people who wonder why social networking web sites are so popular. We think one reason is because they help solve a real-world problem. We’ll let the video explain how it works.

The video isn’t necessarily anything new or earth shattering, but it is a reminder of what social networking is really all about and lets us all take a step back for a moment from the grind of trying to figure out how to get other people to digg or bookmark your content. When you have a better understanding of what’s really at the core of something it makes it that much easier to profit from the edges.

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