Does AdSense Make Sense?

The following guest post was written by Kristine Shreve.

I recently saw an article in USA Today about the wonders of Adsense and how senior citizens, and others, were using it to make tons of money. The article was brought to my attention by someone who knew that we were looking for ways to generate additional revenue from one of our websites. He thought AdSense might be the perfect fit for our needs.
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AdSense Expands Video Testing

Earlier today Google announced it would expand testing for video advertising, by working with two new music partners.

From the Inside AdSense blog:

Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing AdSense video distribution and sponsorship with a small group of publishers.

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Is AdSense A Scam?

For the record I don’t think AdSense is a scam and I’d like to make that clear from the start, but when I think about how to best profit as an AdSense publisher many of the tactics are designed to trick people into clicking or to at least hide the fact the ad is an ad. Is that honest? Is it a flaw in the system? Or is it business as usual?
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My AdSense Revenue Sucks, Must Be Google’s Fault

I mean it couldn’t be me. I put the ads on my site. I put them everywhere I could. What am I supposed to do if Google can’t figure out what the page is about? I added the word asbestos on the page enough times. So what if my site is a free download site. That page is about asbestos and that’s a high paying keyword. I’ll bet Google is even keeping traffic away from my site on purpose so they can keep all the money.

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Report On Click-Fraud And Invalid Clicks

AdWords advertisers and AdSense publishers are both greatly aware of the problem of click-fraud and invalid clicks. We can add those who are perpetrating the invalid clicks, though of course for different reasons as their concern is more along the lines of how to get away with it. Click-fraud has made it to the mainstream as well with media coverage of the recent lawsuit by advertisers against Google. So how is Google doing when it comes to detecting invalid clicks?

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