Google’s Multi-Variate Testing Now Available For All

Back in October I mentioned that Google had launched a beta program called Website Optimizer to make it easy to perform multi-variate testing on you your site. Website Optimizer is now open to everyone with an AdWords account.
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The Year In Review: 2006 Stats

After seeing SEOmoz release their stats a little over a week ago, I was inspired to do the same. Hopefully it’s not too far into the new year to make a review of last year seem out of place. If you missed Rand’s post have a look at SEOmoz’s 2006 Stats in Review.
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Creme King Of Baits

Creme king of what?

That was my reaction too when I first noticed several people had found their way here using ‘creme king of baits‘ as a search term to find the post in the previous link. Many results for the term revolve around using soft plastic worms for fishing bait, an idea originally pioneered by Nick Creme. But type link bait a few times, refer to Rand Fishkin as the king of said link bait, and mention how the cream will rise to the top, and you may find yourself ranking well for a term like ‘creme king of baits’ too.
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Basic Web Measurement Terms Defined

Far too many people still seem to consider ‘hits’ a useful measure of web statistics so I thought I take a little time to define a few basic website measurements. Web analytics are an important of running a successful website. Being able to track visitors to your web pages and what they do once on your site is an essential part of SEO and PPC advertising. You really can’t do either effectively without knowing something about the traffic your site is or isn’t getting.

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Creating Content And Conversions From Web Stats

One good way to find new content to create for your site is to look at your web statistics package and see what long tail search phrases are bringing traffic to your site. The long tail searches are an indication that there’s an interest and also that it’s probably easy to compete for the phrase. So how can you make it work to increase traffic and conversions?

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