The CSS Exclusions Module — Letting Your Content Flow

Last week I took a look at the coming css shapes module. It’s actually part of a more general module on css exclusions (formerly positioned floats) and I want to look at the more general exclusions today.

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The CSS Shapes Module — Breaking Out of the Box

One of the limitations of developing websites is that everything is fundamentally a rectangular box. We fight against it. We create non-rectangular images, we round corners, we have a variety of creative techniques to display less box-like shapes, but still behind the scenes each of these things sits in a rectangular box and other elements react to that box seen or unseen.

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Should You Use Inline-Blocks As A Substitute For Floats?

When it comes to developing a site layout with css, floats do most of the heavy lifting. We use them for the big blocks like our main content and sidebar and we use them for the smaller blocks inside these big ones. Are floats always the answer?
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