Mobile Up, Widescreen Down, or Somewhere In-Between?

When designing and developing a responsive site should you begin with the small screen first and work your way up or would you do better to start big and work your way back down? Maybe one of the in-between breakpoints would make for a better place to start.

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3 Types of Breakpoints In Responsive Designs

One of the more important questions you’ll have to answer in a responsive design is where to set breakpoints. Originally designers chose the dimensions of popular devices as a good place to add them. If the iPad is 768px × 1024px then 768px and 1024px might make for good breakpoints or so the thought went.
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Where And How To Set Breakpoints In Media Queries

Flexible layouts work well to a point, but there comes a time when we need a more drastic change than simply allowing design elements to expand and contract. There comes a point where we need the ability to make larger changes in how elements flow within a design. Enter media queries. Now with official W3C goodness.
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